Recently, fashion includes games in the genreSurvival, where you need to survive at all costs, fight back from the enemy, to the next day to repeat the same. One such is 7 Days to Die. Console teams for this offspring provide for the relief of the task of surviving in the harsh conditions of the game. How to survive after the apocalypse, will be discussed in the article.

7 days to die


The end of the world came, the planet was filled with zombies, andthe player has to find means to survive. To find it is required literally everything: starting with a small nail and a stick, to do at least some kind of a truncheon for protection, ending with extremely complex mechanisms. The task: to build in seven days a full-fledged shelter to survive the wave of zombies. Otherwise, a wave of zombies will sweep away the main character.

And it is necessary to comply with sanitary norms, because if you eat spoiled food, you can get sick and, consequently, look for medicines, otherwise the hero will die.

Many resort to tricks in 7 Days to Die. Console commands allow you to quickly get a certain object, avoiding a lot of difficult wanderings in search of components. And also adjust the current time.

7 Days to Die: console commands for things and not only

As in many games, you need to enteractivate the input mode of the console command with the ~ (tilde) key. So, the most important in 7 Days to Die console commands that allow you to get the right things:

  • Spawnsupplycrate - creates a box with usefulthings. The team should be used in an open area. If you call the box while in the room, it can fall on the roof of the building, and it will be problematic to get to it.
  • Spawnairdrop - creates a reset of the abovebox, but only on the head of the player, and randomly - before it will need to get. You can see the falling box by the signal smoke, which will stand as a column, indicating the place of the fall.

There are also some commands not for things that will also be useful:

  • Settime - allows you to set the time in the game. For example, 7,000 is 07:00 (morning of the first day). That is, seven hours have passed since the beginning of the game. Accordingly, 48 000 is the midnight of the second day, that is, 48 ​​hours have passed.
  • Weathersurvival on or off - allows you to enableor turn off the effect of the weather on the player. Accordingly, if the cheat is not used, the character will become wet in the rain, which is fraught with a cold, and freeze from wind or snow, which can result in hypothermia or frostbite. And vice versa, during the heat it is necessary to dress the character accordingly, so that a heat stroke does not come.

7 days to die console commands on things

7 Days to Die: Console teams for experience and pumping perks

A number of teams contribute to the development of the character and the skills of owning something.

For example:

  • Giveselfxp - adds experience to the player, raises the level.
  • Giveselfskillxp - Adds experience points to the selected skill. If you specify perk Pistols and drive a figure of 8,000, then the skill of possession of the pistols will increase by the specified number of points.


At 7 Days to Die, the console commands are nota solution for the unhindered passage of the game, because in the process of searching the player comes across different types of enemies and seeks ways to deal with them (zombies and zombie hornets are the most dangerous). And also the character builds his own shelter, given the presence of these enemies.

If in 7 Days to Die the console commands are capable ofprovide the necessary items to build a fortified house for a day and all the rest of the time "quietly sip a cup of tea" in anticipation of the seventh day, then the enemy, the existence of which the player did not guess, will find a weak place in the defense of housing.

And also it is necessary to understand that the choice of the place wherewill be built asylum, is also important. If you build in the lowlands, all the undead will literally "roll down" there. Therefore, it is advisable to erect a fortification on a hill, so that it would be more difficult for the dead to get there, and the viewing radius was appropriate.

7 days to die console teams to experience

Burying in the ground is also not recommended -"Digging" zombies easily get the character even from under the ground, and it will be difficult to eliminate the advancing horde of enemies. Especially if the whole horde fails at once into the player's underground bunker.

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