The industry of computer games is full of variousprojects in a world free for research. A masterpiece in the genre of "sandbox" can be called Starbound - a game that attracts not impressive graphics and special effects, but with addictive mechanics and atmosphere.

It's not sports!

The game became special and thanks to its design -it is made in two-dimensional space and is the first original arcade platformer with an open world. In the Starbound project, console commands will definitely help you, because without them you will not be able to study all the beauty of the universe.

starbound console commands
One of the features of the game is randomgenerated locations and items. Due to this in the universe there is a huge variety of content, the study of which will take years. But not all players have so much time. For them, using console commands is the only way to explore the universe.

Basic Commands

For those who do not want to travel tothe vast expanses of the world in search of the next ingredient to create an object, or for those who are tired of trembling before the opponents, we present the most important in the game Starbound console commands admin:

  • / admin - this command will give your character immortality, will create absolutely any objects, even if you do not have the necessary resources;
  • / aiaction - performs certain actions in the KSI - artificial intelligence of the ship, is used for instant research of new technologies;
  • / coordinate - determines the coordinates of the location of the planet on which you are located;
  • / setspawnpoint - sets the location in which you resurrect;
  • / disable / enable Spawning - with this command you make life much easier, because it disables the rebirth of enemies in the universe;
  • / fullbright - the team makes all locations maximum illuminated, or disables all the "darkness";

Use in the world of Starbound console commands withmind if you are playing in multiplayer mode. Such behavior will be regarded by other players as an attempt to make life easier, to deceive them by taking advantage of them.

For items and characters

The process of finding and creating various objects forms the basis of the game.

starbound console commands admin
However, the necessary resources may not alwaysto be at hand, and wasting time on their search is not so interesting, and sometimes even necessary. If you experience such feelings, then use in Starbound console commands for operating objects:

  • / clearstagehand - deletes all objects in the immediate vicinity of the cursor;
  • / itemid - defines the identification code, the id of the object on which the mouse is directed;
  • / naked - "strips" the protagonist, removes equipment and is used to quickly change ammunition;
  • / spawnnpc - creates an in-game character in the specified location, for use, you must consistently specify the race, id and hero level;
  • / spawnmonster - use to create a specific monster at the specified point, an example of the command: / spawnmonster poptop 4;
  • / spawnitem and / spawnliquid - the command is necessary for creation of any object or liquid.

You run the risk of losing all sensepastime in the universe, if you will rashly use in the game Starbound console commands. Objects, of course, you will no longer have to look, but that's the main idea of ​​the project.

Commands for quick movement

In a truly huge world, there is always where to return.

starbound console command items
The basic command for teleportation is the combination / warp. To move to a specific place, you must also type the "warp" type:

  • nowhere - will return you to the starting point of the planet on which you are currently;
  • ownShip - use to return to your own spaceship;
  • celestialWorld: ID - teleports you to the specified planet if you enter its identification code instead of the ID;
  • clientShipWorld: UUID - with this command you can "go to visit", be on the ship of another player, only replace the UUID with his nickname.

Use the Starbound gameconsole commands are necessary so: after / warp write the type of "warp" corresponding to your desires. For example, by typing / warp: UUID (where UUID is the hero's identification number), you will move directly to your friend.

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