Now a huge number of people play in the project"DotA 2" - it is one of the most popular computer games in the world. Here you have to choose a character that you will resist to other living players. The difference of this genre from popular earlier mass role-playing online games is short-term. You do not need to pump your character for weeks, constantly rising to a new level and visiting new, more complex locations. Each battle is an initial and final episode, that is, the development of heroes occurs exclusively within the framework of this battle. Therefore, you will need a fairly high skill to compete on an equal footing with other players. Naturally, it is achieved by honing the game with a specific character, which you plan to use in the future. But, besides this, there are other secrets to which you can apply - for example, you can use commands for the console. "DotA 2" is a game in which you need to achieve victory by any means, but without using cheats. Console commands are not cheats, so you can further learn more about what they are, understand the examples of their use, and finally realize the difference between them and cheats.

What is the console used for?

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It would seem that everything is in your hands - play in"DotA", improve in handling the characters and enjoy it with success. But it's not so simple, and the commands for the console tell you about it. "DotA 2" is a game in which you can configure your client's configuration in order to more conveniently use all its functions. Nobody forbids you to play with the default settings, but you can change them in the game menu. However, not all settings are available - to change some of them you will have to start the console in which you have to assign the commands you need. Do not worry, this is quite legal - everyone has access to this function and can use it. You only need to know how to call it, and then to learn the most useful commands for the DotA 2 console.

Opening the console

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Whichever key you try to press in the processgames, you can not call the console. The thing is that you need to set up special launch settings. Only then you can call the line and enter the commands for the console into it. "DotA 2" is a free game that is distributed through "Steam", so first of all you need to give a description of the activation of the console through this system. So, if you already have a game client, then you just need to go to the library, select your game, right-click on it, and then select "Properties" from the pop-up menu. There you need to activate the boot configuration window and set the -console command in it. That's all - the next time you start the game, the console will automatically appear on your screen, and you can use the console commands. "DotA 2", however, does not support a game with an open console window, so you'll need to figure out how to manage it.

Managing the console string

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Before you the main game menu and console line,ready to enter the commands you need. But what to do next? In fact, you need to remember only one key that calls and clears the console, and the rest of the load on your memory is the commands "DotA 2". So, this key is "", it is to the left of the Backspace key or above the Enter key, so it's very convenient to use it. After you enter the command you need, press Enter to confirm it - and then its properties will take effect. So, now you know how to turn on the console "DotA 2", how to call it and how to remove it, and also how to confirm the activation of the command. It's time to study the teams themselves.

Basic Commands

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It starts with the main ones that affect the selfgame process. In general, there are a lot of console commands in the game, but you will hardly need all of them, therefore only the most useful ones will be considered here. So, before you console "DotA 2". What should I enter into it? The first command you need to remember is: dota_force_right_click_attack. With it, you can beat your creeps with a right mouse button, without activating the attack mode, which is very useful when you need to act quickly, and there's no time to click on the screen again or press a separate button.

The dota_ability_quick_cast command is very useful inIf you have a buff. Without it, you have to click on the ability, and then point to the character you are throwing this buff at. If you want to use it for yourself, then with this command you will just need to double-click on the ability without specifying the target. Another useful command is dota_disable_range_finder, its use leads to the appearance on the screen of the range of attack or ability, which is very useful in combat. Most likely, these are the most useful commands of the console "DotA 2", but there are others that you might also need. For example, dota_health_per_vertical_marker allows you to change the length of the division on the health of the characters in order to better navigate in terms of how much strength is left in your opponent or ally.

Statistical Commands

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It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are notonly those teams that help you in the game, but those that are aimed at statistics - a very useful aspect that helps you analyze your progress. The net_graph command displays detailed statistics of all game parameters on the screen, and net_graphheight and net_graphpos allow you to set the position of the table on the screen, so that it always was in front of your eyes, but did not interfere directly with the game process. As you can see, console commands open for you a huge number of possibilities that will make your game more enjoyable and effective.

The difference between teams from cheats

There was only one unsolved question: "What is the difference between console commands and cheats?" The fact is that the first are just advanced game settings, that is, quite legal possibilities. You can apply them, and you can do without them - it does not affect others. And cheats are forbidden combinations that put one of the players above others, so they are strictly forbidden, and ban is required for their use. Now you know absolutely everything about this topic: how to register console "Dota 2", how to use it, what commands to enter, and why it's safe.

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