Starbound is another "sandbox" thatgives the player unlimited opportunities, but this time you find yourself in space. You need to create and improve your ship, master new planets, fight with other players and with extraterrestrial life forms and so on. Naturally, if you plan to play with other gamers, then you need to create your own server or join an existing one. And it manages the process of playing on the server, of course, the admin. In this game there are console commands that you can use if there is permission for this. However, the commands that are available to the player - this is only a small part of what is available in the game. This, of course, is about the admin teams in Starbound. Only the server administrator can access them, which monitors the order in the game world, and also sets specific rules for this server. If you become an administrator, then, of course, you should learn more about the admin commands in Starbound, and this article will help you.

Ban and Kick Teams

starbound admin team

The first admin commands in Starbound, about which youit is worth knowing - this is the team of the ban. You will have to deny access to the server to gamers who violate the rules so that other gamers can safely have fun in your gaming world, rather than running around in search of another server, where you follow the order. Accordingly, you need to remember at least two commands: ban and bancid. The first one is more general and offers you more opportunities. You will need to write after the command the nickname of the player you want to ban, select the type of ban (by client ID or IP address), the reason for which you are blocking access to the server, and the duration of the ban, which should be specified in seconds.

So, if you ban a player by an identifier, thenhe can simply create a new character and again go to the server. Ban on IP blocks his Internet address, so any character that will try to access your server from that computer will be blocked. As for the ban time, you can not specify it. In this case, the ban will be eternal (more precisely until the moment when you yourself decide to dilute the player).

If we talk about the second team, it allows you to ban a player without a nickname or any other details, using only the customer identification number.

Kik differs from the ban in that it does not blockplayer, but simply throws it out one time from the server. To do this, you need to use the kick command, after which you only need to specify the nickname of the player and the reason for the kick. He will be able to return to the server immediately. However, in Starbound, the admin commands allow you not only to kick and ban.


starbound 1 0 admin commands

As an admin, you must interact withall players on the server and communicate with them, notifying about important events or events. To do this, you will need a command globalalert, which sends all players on the server alerts in large letters. You can also use the standard message command, but the above option is more efficient for the admin.

Other teams

starbound admin commands on the server

As you can see, in Starbound 1.0 admin commands give him impressive powers. What else can the server administrator do? You can find out where the particular player is by using the whereis command. The pvp command allows you to enable battle mode between players, and the serverreload command will reboot the server. In the Starbound game, the admin commands on the server are really impressive, so you should think about how to get your own game world and reign there.

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