The game "The Witcher 2", released by a group of Polishdevelopers, has become one of the best RPGs of 2011. Continuation of the adventures of the catcher for monsters named Geralt from Rivia conquered gamers around the world. Although this game can not be called easy, because even at the simplest level of the hero is easy to kill. But do not despair if you are faced with difficulties in passing: to help you come to a variety of cheats on "The Witcher 2". About them and will be discussed in this review.

cheats on the Witcher 2

Console Commands

Most game developers create specialcodes that are entered into the console and thereby facilitate the passage. Teams are most often used in particularly difficult places, because if you "stuck" on an episode and can not get through it in any way, then it is not necessary to delete the game. Sometimes the way out of this situation will be game codes.

Witcher 2 cheats for money
But in this game everything is much more complicated. The fact is that the developers did not provide console commands, and as such cheats on "The Witcher 2" do not exist. But the game is very popular, so it's no wonder that "craftsmen" (that is, the players themselves) have created a huge base of special trainers, helping in passing. They will be discussed further on.

Cheats on "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings"

Trainers, or programs, allow you to quickly and easilygo through the whole company. By installing such software, you can become invincible or immortal, gain infinite strength or magic, gain "maximum" health or a medallion that does not require recharging. In addition, some trainers will help you gain experience points or pump out the right talents. So if you want to take some bonuses, then apply these cheats to "The Witcher 2".

cheats on the Witcher 2 killing kings

To do this, you will need to download and installthe selected trainer, and then run it and the game. On how to do this, look for a special text file that is in the archive folder. After that, with the help of special "hot" keys, provided by default, you can turn on or off those or other cheats on "The Witcher 2". But remember that such programs often carry viruses and other threats to your computer, so download trainers from trusted sites and only after studying the feedback of other players - this will reduce the risk to a minimum. In addition, such programs are unlikely to work with the licensed version of the game. And if you can not pass a difficult site, it is better to take advantage of the preservation of other players - this will allow you to slip through some moments of the passage of the "Witcher 2".

Cheats for money

Most of the trainers will help you solve the problemwith "lack of money", but sometimes they are not a "panacea". To replenish the stocks of Orenes, use the well-known program ArtMoney, which has long and successfully replaced cheats and codes in most games, and The Witcher 2 was no exception. With its help, you will become much richer, even with a small starting capital. To do this, you only need to run the program together with the game and "sift out" the money until the required amount is accumulated. In addition, with the help of ArtMoney, you can increase the stock of any materials.

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