Today we decided to introduce you to the populargame ARK: Survival Evolved. From this article you can learn all the subtleties, the plot, but most importantly - how to use the console commands, which you will soon be able to read. Start your exciting journey to you from the full zero, more precisely, in your arsenal there will be nothing but a well-adjusted mind. Of course, at the first stages of survival your character will be extremely difficult. Right now, we will give you some important tips that will definitely be needed when passing this game.


arc console commands
At the very beginning, you will be prompted to createhis character, as well as a spawn. When you first enter the ARC game, immediately the console commands will be unavailable, but you will need to select a character. Of course, the hero is to be created only in the cosmetic plan, do not think that a certain type will be better on the technical side of the other. You will be given the opportunity to choose your own skin color, determine body size and so on. In the ARC game, console teams for dinosaur summoning will be available only after passing certain tasks, so you should not think about it right away. Let's talk about them later.


survival evolved
Next, when you finish making settingsyour character, or rather, the characteristics of the appearance, you will be asked to specify the name of the hero. You can select it at the bottom of the screen on the right side of the monitor. Also, you should immediately take into account that the name, as well as the appearance in the future, will not be possible to change, for example, if you decide to install or create a new character, so you should pay careful attention to the above settings. Important points should also include the fact that if you have a desire to create a new character, then all the old achievements and passages will be automatically deleted. It is in this case in the game of ARC console commands are irreplaceable. When all the settings are successfully completed, you will get a certain set of spawn points on the location, while you can choose more suitable places for yourself. We recommend that you specify only the southern areas, since they are best suited for starting the game, and it is in them that you will be more secure than in the northern part.


console commands in the arch to the dino
Console teams in the ARC on the dino for you at oncewill be available after you respawn, or rather - will perform all the above tasks. Now you will be on the beach. It is this place that will serve as a temporary refuge for you. Proceed to the extraction of necessary resources. For example, in order to get such material as a tree, you need to approach the selected trunk and hit it several times. Do not forget that during the extraction of materials you will be deprived of a certain part of your health. The level will disappear depending on what kind of material you are mining. In the ARC console commands you can already use, but first you still need to learn more important details about the game. In order to open your inventory, you should click on the button I. In the upper part of the window you will notice the recipes for crafting, or rather, you will be able to find out for yourself what and in what quantity of materials will be required for the production of a certain object. In fact, the game Survival Evolved is endless, everything will depend on you. There is a large location of the game world in which you must survive and defeat your enemies.


arc console commands for dinosaur summoning
In the ARC, console commands can use bothordinary players, and administrators of their locations. Currently, there are a large number of codes that simply can not be enumerated, and each specific combination is responsible for its operation. Before actively acting, it is recommended to get comfortable beforehand and begin to engage in the extraction of various items and materials. The fascination of this development lies in the fact that you can develop and participate in adventures with your friends, defeat dragons together and the like. Just enter the Playersonly command so that all dinosaurs and players are frozen. The Forcetame code makes it possible to instantly tame an animal.

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