Today we will talk about the EMZ format. Than to open the data with a similar extension, we will describe further. This is a compressed extended Windows metafile. The developer of this standard is Microsoft Corporation.


emz than to open
First, let's look at the essence of the EMZ format. Than to open it, we will tell a little bit more low. This is a compressed image file used by various Microsoft programs, including Office and Visio. If you are wondering what to open the EMZ file in Windows 7, then apply one of these solutions. Note that the material contains data of the EMF type, which are compressed using the GZIP algorithm. After unpacking, the materials can be opened as standard EMF. Next, we give the main tools for working with the format of interest to us.

The main solution

We have already briefly considered what EMZ is. How to open this format, will prompt Microsoft Office. This is a package of office applications. The composition of this solution included software that allows you to work with documents.

Alternative options

than open the emz file in windows 7
Not only the programs developed by Microsoft can help to reproduce EMZ. Than to open materials of this type, other companies know. Their solutions we now describe.

In particular, you can refer to the XnView application. This is a convenient free program, it combines the functions of the optimizer, converter, editor and viewer of graphic files. The application has a high speed of operation, as well as a user-friendly interface. Many formats are supported. In addition, the tool allows you to convert data into different standards (more than 50). The main program window is represented as a folder tree, combined with a preview space. When you select a directory containing image files, they will be displayed as thumbnails. When you move the mouse cursor over the image, the file information appears. Also this format is supported by Corel PaintShop, Adobe Illustrator and Logipole Konvertor applications.

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