Today we will tell you what to open ODG. This is the image file OpenDocument. This technology can be attributed to the processing of vector images. The developer is OASIS.


Now we'll tell you what the format is forODG. Than to open it we will describe a little bit more low. So, this is a graphic file OASIS OpenDocument. The image is specified using curves, lines and points, and also stored using XML markup. Usually files of this type are used to transfer and store drawings, illustrations or logos.

Basic solution

than to open odg
If you are wondering what to open ODG, thenuse Apache OpenOffice. This is a free package of office applications. Works with open format OpenDocument. OpenOffice can be used on all common platforms: Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows, Linux, MacOS. The package is based on the StarOffice code, it was purchased, and then released with open source by Sun Microsystems. Later, the rights to the project were transferred to Oracle. In 2010, the main developers of OpenOffice announced that they are opening a non-profit organization The Document Foundation. Its goal is to continue the development of the package in the form of LibreOffice regardless of Oracle. Soon all rights to OpenOffice were transferred to the new fund. The package includes six main components. Writer is a text editor and web-page editor that acts as an analogue of Microsoft Word. Calc provides work with spreadsheets and is close to Excel. Draw is a vector editor that is analogous to Microsoft Visio. Impress is a tool for demonstrating and creating presentations, close in functionality to PowerPoint.

Other options

odg format than open
To solve a problem, than to open ODG, it is possible and athelp other applications. In particular, LibreOffice is suitable. This software allows you to process graphics, presentations, databases, spreadsheets and texts. The package supports various languages. Its use is free for any purpose. The possibilities of the solution in many respects are not inferior to the functionality of commercial programs of this type. Talking about how to open ODG, you should not forget about the application StarOffice Draw, which is also easy to cope with the task.

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