You saw the AMR file on your computer and you wonder which program can open it? First you need to understand what such files are.

So, the file with the extension AMR can be decryptedas Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec ACELP. In turn, Adaptive Multi-Rate is a compression technology that is used to encode audio files that mainly contain speech.

than to open amr

In other words, Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR)is a data compression sound scheme optimized for speech coding. The AMR format was adopted as a standard speech codec in October 1998 and is now widely used in GSM and UMTS. It uses the link adaptation to select one of eight different transmission rates.

AMR is an audio format that is widelyIt is used in mobile devices in various applications, from ordinary audio players / recorders to VoIP applications. AMR format can be further classified as follows: AMR-NB (narrowband) and AMR-WB (broadband).

than to open an amr file

So, than opening the AMR file:

The easiest way to open this type of file -Double-click on it to allow your PC to determine which applications by default can open it. However, be especially careful when opening files received via email or downloaded from unfamiliar websites.

When talking about how to open an AMR, you should know thatMany popular audio / video players will play these files, including QuickTime and RealPlayer. In addition, for convenience in use, you can convert these files to another format.

So, than to open AMR with conversion to another format?

The first way is to open the AMR file in any program by default and select to save the open file in a different format.

The second way is to use any conversion service that works online, or download the appropriate software to your computer.

than to open the file amr

The first option with the opening of the AMR file in anyprogram is preferable because it is simpler, and probably it will lead to more accurate file conversion. Of course, if all programs on your computer do not recognize this file, the only option for opening AMR will be installing new software, or using an online converter.

Remember also that in search of a solutionthe question of how to open an AMR file, you can not just change the file extension to any other. When you try to play, the computer recognizes that the specified extension does not correspond to the file type, and will not play it. However, the actual conversion of the file format using one of the methods described above should be successful in most cases.

Speaking about what to open AMR best, you can notnot to mention such a free program as AMR Player. With this application, you can play audio on your computer not only this format, but many others. To start the program, simply click the "Add files" main interface button, select the data you need to play and run it. Any complicated operations will not be required at all, since the interface is very simple.

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