You were able to find the DOCM file on your computer,and you can not understand which program should open it? Or, maybe someone sent you a DOCM file by e-mail, but you do not know how to use it? You may have tried to start it by default, but the Windows prompt indicated that the system can not open it.

docm than open

What are these files?

Before opening the DOCM (provided that it isit is the file format that is intended to be viewed or edited), you need to determine what file types this extension refers to.

The answer does not represent any complexity: this format is a Word file for Microsoft Office Open XML Document Format (Enabled macros).

Other types of data can also use the specified extension.

docm extension than open

So, the format of DOCM - than to open it?

The easiest way to upload a file with thisextension is to double-click on it, and let your PC decide which applications should work with it by default. If no program opens the DOCM file by default, your application probably does not have an application that can view and / or edit the specified data type.

Microsoft Office Word (version 2007 and higher)is the main software that is used to open such files and edit them. A freeware OpenOffice editor will also be an answer to the question of what to do with a file that has the DOCM extension.

How to open a similar file, if on youris an earlier version of Microsoft Word installed? You can download free Microsoft Office Compatibility, which will also allow you to edit and save DOCM files in the old version of MS Word.

If you find that the application on your computer is really trying to open a DOCM file, but does it incorrectly, you must change the program settings saved by default.

 format docm than open

Extension of DOCM - what to open by converting?

There are two basic ways to convert a DOCM file to another data type:

  1. Open the DOCM file in any program installed on your device by default, and choose to save the open file to a file of a different format.
  2. Use a service that works online for converting, or software for such a conversion.

The first option (with the opening of the DOCM file in its"Native" program) is preferable because it is easier to do and probably this action will lead to more accurate file conversion. However, this does not always work with DOCM files. Than to open them when no application on the computer recognizes such files? In this case, only a third-party tool can help.

Remember that you should not just changeexpansion. Most likely, the computer does not recognize the newly renamed file, which will still be used as a DOCM. Than to open it correctly, it is specified more low.

As already mentioned, many can not openfiles with this extension, because the MS Office package installed on the devices is obsolete. Many users do not want to bother with upgrading WORD or adding some plug-ins to support new formats. Therefore, the easiest way is to simply convert DOCM to a regular DOC format (or to PDF, but this is somewhat more complicated).

Software for this type

So, DOCM - than to open with conversion toanother format? This will help the online application Total Doc Converter, which perfectly copes with this task and creates a copy of the document in the selected format. However, if you have dozens of DOCM-files in your work, converting them one at a time is not particularly convenient. It takes a long time, so it's more efficient to use the version of Total Doc Converter, which is designed for downloading and using on your computer. With it, you can not only open texts in the DOC format, but also edit them, changing fonts and content. You can also convert files from the command line and from the desktop, which is an additional convenience.

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