New types of files appear with frightening speed. Some of them through time receive user approval and are registered on hard disks, while others, on the contrary, are similar to falling stars - brightly flare up, but very quickly go out, leaving traces in Wikipedia alone. In particular, it is not surprising that search engines are often asked the question: "Format mdx. Than to open? ».

All the same as it was all just in the days of DOS! There were executable file types (com, exe and bat), text txt, several graphic formats and one or two archives. It was with them that the average user could work, and that was quite enough. With the advent of the first versions of Windows, the situation began to change rapidly, and now even users with experience sometimes have to search the network for an answer to the question of what to open the mdx file or similar with an unknown extension. Fortunately, when there is an access to the global network of problems, as a rule, does not arise.

What kind of format is mdx? Than to open a file with such extension? Let's start with history. Shortly before the official release of the famous Windows XP, Daemon Tools, an emulator of laser CDs, became available on the Web.

Internet speeds grew every day, soan opportunity to download relatively large amounts of data. With the help of special programs it was possible to make a copy of the CD-ROM and lay it out for everyone's access. After installing the corresponding emulator program on the computer, you could work with the downloaded copy of the disk (one or two files).

There were many similar programs: Daemon Tools, Paragon CD Emulator, Virtual CD, Virtual Drive, etc. Currently, one of the popular ones left since that time is Daemon Tools (DT). It is she who creates the extension mdx from her files. This abbreviation means Media Data eXtended. In the latest versions of the program, this is the output file format by default.

Previously, when creating a copy of a disk, twofile with extensions mds and mdf (for example, Game.mds and Game.mdf). The size of mdf was close to the original disk, but mds occupied kilobytes. As a result, often lost (not downloaded, ignored), which led to difficulties with the subsequent opening of the disk image. To solve this, a single mdx was proposed. Than to open it, 3 knew each user Daemon Tools.

In addition to combining files, this formatsupports compression of information (by analogy with archivers), which in some cases gives a significant reduction in the volume of the image disk. Now, a user who wants to create a copy of a physical CD-ROM can choose from three output formats: classic MDF / MDS, MDX and the growing popularity of ISO.

To work with mdx you need a new versionemulator program DT (recommended) or alternative solution Alcohol 120%. In some cases, it may be possible to change the permissions for iso by simply renaming it and then working with it in the corresponding programs. If you have a plug-in installed, you can try opening the mdx image in the file manager of Total Commander (Ctrl + PageDown on the selected file). But these latter features are only half-measures, so they can be used only if you do not have access to the full version of the Daemon Tools CD emulator.

This is what he is - the "unknown" mdx file format. How to open it? To do this, you need to download from the official site and install on your computer emulator program Daemon Tools (versions of Lite are free) with the version number greater than 4.35.6.

At first glance, it may seem that the problem withopening files with the extension mdx applies only to game lovers, and for "serious people" it is irrelevant. This is not true. In fact, in the images of Daemon Tools in the global network, many programs are distributed: the famous Photoshop, Office from Microsoft, 1C and many others. All this suggests that mdx and other formats of the program-emulators are in demand, and it is necessary for each user to know how to open a particular file.

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