In this material, the extension P7S will be described. How to open files of this type, and also for what purposes they are intended, will be described in detail below. The original name of this material is PKCS-7 Signature file.

Description of the extension

p7s than open
So, let's start talking about the P7S format. Than to open, we will tell further, and meanwhile we will try to understand the purpose of this decision. Material of this format is an e-mail message that contains a digital signature. This format is used to securely send emails. Only the recipient can view them. This method of transmission certifies the sender, and also confirms that a certain letter has not been changed in any way during the sending process. If the digital signature used by the mail program does not support the P7S file, it usually appears as an attachment in the message. E-mail clients working with this format apply the PKCS standard. This creates a signature for email messages.

Mozilla Thunderbird

how to open a p7s file
So, before us is the P7S file. How to open it, tell this mail client. Mozilla Thunderbird repeats in many ways the interface of the company's browser. This solution works on a similar principle. You can choose the right theme for your taste. There is an opportunity to adjust 5 font levels, as well as background in letters. The application includes a smiley library. The speed of the e-mail client is close to that of a corporate observer. The maximum waiting period for receiving a message or sending it is 10 minutes. At the end of the specified period, the application determines that the connection has been terminated, as a result, stops sending. This problem can easily be corrected by changing the program settings.

Other applications

extension p7s than open
There are other tools that support the P7S format. How to open a similar document, helps to understand the program PostBox. Also in this case can help Microsoft Outlook. This is an information manager, which was created by Microsoft. The program combines the capabilities of the mail client with the means for collaboration. Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office suite of office programs. You can also decide how to open the P7S file using the CryptoARM application. This is a universal software package. It allows you to use cryptographic tools for business and personal correspondence. Through this solution, you can protect both corporate and personal information.

The application received a very nice graphicinterface. This solution provides reliable encryption, as well as decryption of data. Also, with this tool, you can create and verify an electronic digital signature. The use of public keys is available, and work with certificates and crypto providers is also supported. With this application, you can create an arbitrary number of EDSs, as well as verify their authenticity. It supports the decryption of files. Execution of operations in one stage.

Now you know what P7S is. Than to open a file with such an extension and for what a similar format is used, is described in detail above.

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