Today we will discuss the series "Before death is beautiful". 1 season of this project was released on screens in 2013. Ekaterina Dvigubskaya was the director. Writers were Josh Berman and Daria Desombre.


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First, discuss the plot of the series "Until death is beautiful." Actors will be named further. We have a wonderful history of transformations. The universe likes to play a trick on its inhabitants, then their life paths intersect in absurd and strange ways. It touched the heroes of our history. The main characters are successful, beautiful Diana is a representative of the model business, and Daria is a lawyer. They will have to look for answers to questions in unusual situations.

Key players

Yekaterina Solomatina

Ekaterina Solomatina has played the lawyer DashaStrelnikov. This actress was born in Novosibirsk. She was educated at the State Theater School. After that, Ekaterina Solomatina became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School and got on the course of D. Brusnikin and R. Kozak. Then she joined the Art Theater. The actress made her debut in the production "Eternity and another day."

Pyotr Kislov embodied the image of Grigory Kononov. This actor was born in Glazov. He was educated at the Nizhny Novgorod Theater School, on the course of V. Bogomazov. Further, Peter became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School. The actor got on the course of S. Zemtsov and I. Zolotovitsky. The young man joined the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. As a student, he made his debut in the production of "Representing the victim." Peter played in the productions of Oleg Tabakov's theater "The Mind" and "The Descendant." The actor participated in the following performances: "Amadeus", "Do not part with your loved ones", "The sun shone", "Ondine".

Khvoshniansky and Malikova

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Igor Valentinovich Dobrovolsky - Head of Dashiand lawyer Katerina Odintsova - also occupy an important place in the series "Until death is beautiful." Actors Boris Khvoshnyansky and Ekaterina Malikova transferred these characters to the screen. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Boris Khvoshnyanskiy was born in St. Petersburg. He comes from a family of engineering physicists. The future actor in the early years was engaged in music and played in parallel at the Palace of Pioneers, on the stage of the Leningrad Youth Art Theater. Boris became a student of the Pedagogical Institute of Herzen. He failed at the first attempt to enter LGITMiK for an acting course. Further in the life of the young man was service in the army. After Boris made a second attempt to become a student of LGITMiK, as a result, he got on the course of V. Petrov.

After receiving his education, he became interested in music, inthe composition of the band "Pepsi" acted as a bass player. The actor performed at various stages. As a result, he joined the "Funny Theater" Boris Uvarov. On the screen Boris debuted in one of the series of the film "National Security Agent". In a big movie, the actor played his first role as Admiral Deribas in the drama "Poor Poor Pavel" by Vitaly Melnikov. Then Boris took part in the joint New Year project of the channels "Inter" and NTV - the musical "Figaro", created based on the comedy of Beaumarchais. Famous representatives of the Ukrainian and Russian stage participated in this film. On NTV he was the host of the program "Advertising chip".

Ekaterina Malikova was born in the city of Kolomna. She studied at the Moscow Art Theater School, in the studio of Dmitry Brusnikin and Roman Kozak. Catherine was an actress of the Theater "Satyricon".

Korchagin and Sokolovsky

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Diana's friend and Dasha's brother were well remembered by the audience of the series "Until death is beautiful". Actors Svetlana Korchagina and Alexander Sokolovsky embodied these images. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Svetlana Korchagina was born in Kursk. She was educated at the Institute of Russian Theater, in the studio of A. Molotkov.

Alexander Sokolovsky was born in Leningrad. He was educated at RATI-GITIS, in the studio of E. Yu. Steblov. Alexander became an actor at the Moscow Provincial Theater.

Other heroes

Margot - assistant Dasha and Judge Tikhonov also appear in the plot of the series "Until death is beautiful." Actors Maria Dobrzhinskaya and Sergei Grekov played these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Maria Dobrzhinskaya was born in Moscow. The actress was educated at the Shchepkin Theater School, on the course of VN Ivanova and VM Baileys.

Sergei Grekov received an education in the Higher Theater School Schepkin. He is a member of the musical "Annie". Sergei joined the theater of the Leninist Komsomol.

Andrei Rudensky played the judge. This actor was born in Sverdlovsk, in a military family. He was educated in the metallurgical technical school, his specialty is "rolling production". Then Andrew became a student of the Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute. It so happened that the Small Theater arrived in the city. Rudensky decided to appeal to Viktor Korshunov, the artist and director of this scene for advice, regarding the acquisition of the acting profession. As a result, the young man became a student at the Shchepkinsky School, and immediately fell on the second year. After receiving the education, Andrei got to the tests for Viktor Titov. The director then prepared to shoot the tape "The Life of Klim Samgin." The actor played on the stage of the Moscow New Drama Theater. Mostly he got the role of romantic heroes. The most striking theatrical work of Andrew can be considered the image of Viscount de Valmont in the production of "Dangerous connections."

Interesting Facts

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"Until death is beautiful" - a series of 2013, which refers to the genre of melodrama. The composer was Dmitry Lanskoy. Operator's work of Boris Litovchenko. The artist was Yevgeny Kachanov. The film "To the death is beautiful" (Russia, Ukraine) consists of 24 series. Its producers were Maria Smirnova, Vladimir Lokotko, Victor Gelman, Alexander Repenko, Philip Pastukhov, Vyacheslav Murugov.

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