"Mines in the fairway" - a comedy series,released in 2007 by the company "Mentor Cinema". The director of the series is Nikolai Geiko. The screenwriters are Arkady Inin and Olga Danilova. Actors of the series "Mines in the Fairway" - Stanislav Duzhnikov, Svetlana Antonova, Nikolay Dobrynin, Artem Semakin, Lyudmila Arinina, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Svetlana Ivanova.

General information about the show

The series with humor tells us about the everyday life of military seamen. In the center of the action are three lieutenants, who are engaged in the search for and neutralization of mines. In the series there is a place of love, and friendship, and loyalty.

Mines in the fairway, actors

Actually, "Mines in the fairway" isnaval team. It is given by the signal sailor to the crew, if they notice a danger threatening the life of the crew at the rate of the ship. In this case, the expression "mines in the fairway", the actors of the series agree with this, is used in a figurative, philosophical sense. Here we mean the "mines" that everyone expects on the path of life. The creators of the series, including screenwriter Arkady Inin, are trying to convey to us in this series that it is very important to notice the impending dangers on time and skillfully bypass them.

Shooting of the series was organized in the city of Sevastopol. The form in which the characters appear on the screen are real, the Sevastopol fleet provided it.


Three young graduates of the Institute of NavalThe fleet dreamed of serving in Sevastopol. They imagine how they will get on the destroyer "Invincible", dream of sea adventures and campaigns.

Upon arrival at the duty station, the Chief of Staff sends the seamen not at all to where they dreamed.

Mines in the fairway, actors and roles

Heroes of the series not only work, they alwaysfind the opportunity to have fun and relax. Often because of this, they fall into ridiculous and ridiculous situations. All three guys are completely different in character, they have different ideas about life, but they will now have to live together in a small room. Of course, there was a love line in the series "Mines in the Fairway".

Actors in the series are chosen for realtalented and interesting. For the fate of each hero wants to follow, in the fate of everyone there is some kind of intrigue. Heroes evoke sympathy and empathy.

"Mines in the fairway": actors and roles

So, who of the actors got what role in the script?

Three lieutenants, the main characters are Artem Semakin in the role of Yuri Naryshkin, Andrei Frolov as Pavel Veresov and Stanislav Duzhnikov, who played the role of Boris Cochin.

Stepanchenko performed in the series the role of Rear Admiral Mamontov, Lyudmila Arinina acted as his mother, and actress Svetlana Ivanova - as a daughter.

Alexander Pankratov-Black on the screen reincarnated as a boatswain, and Alexander Pashutin - in the commander of the fleet.

actors of the mines in the fairway

Nikolai Dobrynin got the role of commander of the minesweeper Buryshev, Alexander Tyutin - the role of the chief of staff of the division Kharchevsky.


Director Nikolai Geiko is known to the general publicon such films and serials as "Memento Mori" (released in 1991), "Germans in the Urals" (in 1998), "Cherub" (in 2005), "From love to kohannya" (in 2008). The project "Mines in the fairway", the actors remember with warmth their participation in it, spent some time gathering dust on the shelf. None of the directors dared to take up his incarnation. Geiko did not hesitate to start shooting, he was sure that the stories from the life of the lieutenants of the navy will find a response from the audience.

During the filming of actors sometimes hadpersonally perform quite dangerous stunts. So, for example, in one of the scenes Artem Semakin needed to jump over the car and fall on the broken glass. The actor persuaded the creators of the series to invite an understudy, but as a result participated in the scene himself. The jump was successful, the actor was not injured, and the scene was played very realistically.

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