Another Russian melodrama, where they playedgood actors, - "To marry a general". This is a four-part film, released on TV screens in 2011. His director was Alexander Kananovich, who specializes in making pictures of this genre.


In the center of history is a young womanHope that is unhappy in your personal life. She divorces her husband and leaves in search of a better life in the military town, to her brother Sergei. Together with her a little boy is going.

On a new place, Nadia is getting ready to worknurse in the kindergarten. The permit must be signed by Fedor Petrovich Serov, a local lieutenant general. He himself grows up a little daughter of Cyrus, and he invites the girl to work as a nanny.

Nadi's life begins to come in the right direction, buthere happens unforeseen. The wife of General Larissa is having an affair with his friend Alexander. And one day, Serov almost does not find them in the same bed. Larissa asks Nadezhda to do her a favor. So Alexander and Nadia become pseudo-lovers.

To everyone's surprise, a pretty Colonelfalls in love with a girl, and she shows him sympathy. But the general is not slumbering. After all, he also fell in love with Hope. The girl is in a difficult situation. Immediately two important people begin to fight for her heart. Only true love will win in this war.

This is the plot of the series "Get married to the general." Actors and roles performed by them, made this film favorite for the audience.

actors to marry a general


Among the main characters are four heroes, around which the plot is built. Their roles were played by beautiful actors. "To marry a general" - a melodrama with non-trivial characters.

Nadia Ivleva - a young woman, recentlywho moved to the city. She has a small son in her arms and a small suitcase with things. The girl is rather modest and respectable. Appearance does not shine, but stands out for its beauty. Usually they are called "pale moth", but Nadia was able to attract the attention of the two most beautiful men in the town.

Larisa is the general's wife, the absolute opposite of Nadia. Although the action takes place in the USSR, she has the best outfits brought from Europe. She is arrogant, arrogant and loves to be obeyed.

Alexander Kartashev is an effective man and an excellent officer. He is sincere in his feelings for Nadya, and this is immediately evident.

Fedor Petrovich Serov - Lieutenant-General. Like any boss, he puts himself above others and demands complete obedience from the people around him. So he did with Nadezhda, forcing the girl to marry.

to marry the general actors and roles


The success of a film often depends on whatit will be played by actors. "To marry a general" - a series that brought together a good line-up of artists. The roles were performed by Pavel Delong ("Schindler's List", "The Key of the Salamander"), Julia Kadushkevich ("Albanets Alias"), Yuri Tsurilo (Banditsky Petersburg), Natalia Gromushkina (March of the Turkish). less famous actors. "To marry a general" - a series that became the first step of the career ladder for Alexei Melnikov, Alexandra Schesnyak and Elizaveta Zarubina.

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