"The star cruiser" Galaxy "is a well-knownAmerican fantastic franchise. On events in the world, where the cruiser "Galaxy" flies, the plot of five television series and five feature films, as well as several books, numerous comics, desktop and computer games, is based.

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Movies and TV series 1978-1979

For the first time on the television screen "Cruiser" shown in 1978year. Then the screenshots featured a feature film directed by Richard Call "The Star Cruiser" Galaxy ". Actors who have played in this film: Richard Hutch, Lorne Green, Dirk Benedict, Rick Springfield and others. The film was so popular with viewers that, based on his motives, the same-name Glen Larson series was immediately created and launched.

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Actors of the series "Star Cruiser" Galaxy "- thoseThe same that they played in the film. The project consisted of only 24 series. After the release of the series on TV screens, the film studio that created the film "Star Wars" sued Universal, which filmed the "Cruiser." The claim was that the series allegedly used the ideas from the movie "Star Wars."

In 1979, the full-length picture "Attack of Cylons" was released, in which the same actor's cast was involved.

The series "Galaxy 1980" and the film "Conquest of the Earth"

And the series and feature films did not bringsufficient income to continue filming. The creators of the project decided to make it cheaper. They intended to make it more profitable from a commercial point of view. As a result, in 1980 there was a new "Star Cruiser" Galaxy ". Actors who were filming in the first version of the series, for the most part did not want to return to the project, so it was decided to replace them.

star cruiser galaxy actors and roles

In the series "Galaxy 1980" the main roles were performedKent McCord, Robin Douglas, Barry Van Dyke, James Patrick Stewart and Lorne Green. This version existed even less than the first version. It was filmed only 10 episodes of the series.

In 1981, the movie "Conquest of the Earth" with the actors from the series "Galaxy 1980" in the lead roles comes on the market.

After the release of the film "Conquest of the Earth" more than onceAttempts were made to revive the series about the stellar cruiser "Galaxy". The actors and directors of the project offered their own versions of the storyline. As a result, the new version of the series was released only in 2003.

Versions 2003 and 2004

In 2003, the channel Sci Fi comes out two-partpicture about the cruiser "Galaxy". The creators of the series - Ronald Moore, known for working on the project "Star Trek", and David Eyck. For two days of broadcasting, a new version of the "cruiser" was watched by 8.4 million people. Its success made it possible in 2004 to launch a full-fledged continuation of the Galaktika Star Cruiser project. " Actors and roles in the series this time were distributed as follows: Edward Olmos played Commander William Adam, Mary McDonnell played the role of Laura Roslin, Jamie Bamber became in the series Captain Apollo, Katie Sakhoff reincarnated as Lieutenant Caru Trace, Grace Park and Tricia Helfer played Cylon .

star cruiser galaxy actors and roles

The series, launched in 2004, withstood fourseason. Critics in every possible way praised "Cruiser" in the press, called the best project of 2005. After the end of the second season, the series was awarded the Peabody Award.

In 2007, the creators of the series releasedfull-length picture "The Star Cruiser" Galaxy ": the blade", and in 2008 - the picture "Star Cruiser" Galaxy ": the plan." In 2009, the screens were released last series of the series.

After its completion, "Cruiser" received a prize"Saturn" as the best series, created for cable TV. Edward Olmos received the title of the best television actor, and actress Mary McDonnell is the best actress of the year.

The series "Caprica"

The action of the series "Caprica", released in 2010year, unfolds in the universe of the star cruiser "Galaxy" on one of the twelve planetary colonies. The film starred Eric Stolz in the role of Daniel Greystone, Paul Malcomson in the role of Amanda. Alessandra Torresani performed the role of Zoe, Esai Morales - Joseph Adam, and Sasha Royz - Sam.

Events unfold over 58 years before the start of the action in the main series. The ratings of the project were low. The series was closed after the first season.

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