actors of a magnificent age
The series "The Magnificent Age" is based on real events that took place under the rule of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, considered the greatest commander and reformer of the Ottoman Empire.

A significant part of the success for all films and television series is guaranteed by well-chosen actors, "The Magnificent Age" was no exception.

Performers involved in the series, for a relatively short time began to be associated with their characters.

Pretty well-found actors "Magnificentcentury "turned into a wonderful historical drama, which shows the intrigues that prevailed at the court of the Sultan, conveyed the feelings and fears of the characters. Great success of the film's creators can be considered the selection of performers on the role of the Sultan or Hürrem.

Sultan Suleiman is the main actingthe character of the series: the action takes place during his reign. Oddly enough, the actor was found quite quickly for this role: Halita Ergenca was approved almost immediately, without any difficulties. Halit Ergencz was born in Istanbul. As a rule, he prefers to appear in television series, and "The Magnificent Age" became for him the start of a new turn in his career. In 2011, the drama "Guest" appeared on the screens of Turkey, where Ergench was given the main role.

the actors of the film are a magnificent age
Despite the fact that the actors of the film "Magnificentcentury ", all without exception are unique, the character of Hürrem Sultan nevertheless turned out to be the most attractive. This role was brilliantly played by Meryem Uzery. Meryem was born in the German town of Kassel. But despite the fact that her father was born in Turkey, the girl did not speak Turkish practically. However, this factor was not an obstacle for the actress on the way to getting the role of the main character in such a large project. Urezli excellently conveyed the character of Hurrem and admitted that the Ukrainian roots of her heroine helped her in this. At the very beginning of filming, she spoke very badly in Turkish, and so she did not part with her notes on the set. The image of Hurrem brought Meryem Uzleri deafening fame and made of it a star not only in Turkey, but also in almost the whole world, except for his native Germany. Unfortunately, at home the young actress does not enjoy great popularity.

The actors of the "Magnificent Age" filled the second plan withoriental color and completely immersed spectators in the life of the Ottoman Empire. The role of the proud royal mother of Sultan Walid, played the actress Nebahat Chehre. The offer to participate in the new series came to her in 66 years, and thanks to her experience and talent, she perfectly coped with the task. After the release of the film on the screens Nebahat found a whole army of fans, which was in no way inferior to those that have acquired younger actors of the series.

Gorgeous Century Actors Photo
As already mentioned, the second plan actors"The Magnificent Age" provided an unimaginable success. One of such stars was Okan Yalabyk. He was given the opportunity to play the role of the faithful, but rather cunning Ibrahim Pasha, who was in love with the Sultan's sister and became her husband.

The scenery of the series and the costumes of the heroes are so accurately selected that the film "The Magnificent Age", actors, photos and music from the series were extremely beloved by the viewer.

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