Pushkin's poem "I remember a wonderful moment"was published in 1827. It was dedicated to Anna Kern. Her poet met two years earlier. An affair broke out between them. He was short, but the poet kept the memory of these days and expressed it on paper. For him, this love was the impetus for a new life.

Analysis of the poem I remember a wonderful moment

It is interesting that when the poet transmitted Annapoem, he at first wanted to take the leaf, since he was very embarrassed. Art critics find this several explanations. Some people stop at the version that his feeling was strong and passionate. Others explain this by the fact that Pushkin did not want to dedicate a poem to Anna, because he loved only his muse. Still others agree that the poet wanted to show his feelings in a more realistic way.

The poem "I remember a wonderful moment"shows how deep the feelings of the lyric hero. He draws new forces in love, prepares for creative take-off. At that time this poem was a real discovery. Previously, no one in Russian literature saw a work so full of passion, sensuality, creative energy.

Analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment"shows its uniqueness. So, the hero of the work expresses sadness about the years he spent without love. When he meets his "beauty genius," he experiences an unprecedented rise in his strength and feels himself returning to life. Memories of past love warm his heart. From this we can conclude that the composition of its composition has a three-part form.

A poem I remember a wonderful moment

Analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment"remains popular to this day. Why is this happening? The thing is that the poet uses abstract concepts. Therefore, the reader can use his imagination. As a result, you can get a collective image of an ideal woman.

Analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment"shows that even the features of the beloved are not transmitted through the description of her figure, clothing, specific details of the face. Pushkin describes it with the help of metaphors. He has inspiration, tears, deity, love, and life. Therefore, each person after reading these lines sees something of his own.

Analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment"proves that the main thing is not Pushkin's meeting with Kern, but the experiences of the lyrical hero. Therefore, it can be attributed not only to love lyrics, but also to psychological and philosophical reflections of Pushkin. The hero enjoys life, scoops ideas for creativity out of love.

Pushkin's poem, I remember a wonderful moment
Some experts who have dedicated theirlife study of the poet's personality, note that the lyrical hero is the poet himself. The meeting with Kern can be considered fateful. It was passionate feelings that always inspired Pushkin. Love gave him new strengths and brought them back to life, tearing them out of an apathetic state.

Later, the poem received its owncontinuation in music. Composer Glinka first wrote a romance and sang it. Later, many great voices of Russia performed it from different scenes. This is one of the classic works devoted to love.

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