Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov is one of thosepoets, whose works are very emotional, heartfelt and deserve the highest appreciation of literary critics. But more than 150 years ago, for the courage and perseverance of the thoughts expressed, Mikhail was temporarily detained. This period was one of the most difficult in the life of the great poet, so in the prison walls he wrote a few particularly heartfelt works. An analysis of Lermontov's poem "The Prisoner" will help us to uncover the author's emotional experiences. First, let's get acquainted with its brief content.

analysis of the poem by Lermontov's prisoner

The text of the poem "The Prisoner"

This rhymed work is written fromusing the technique of four-legged chorea. Logically, it can be divided into three parts, each of which is the completion of the previous one and has a certain character.

The poem "Prisoner" Lermontov begins withthe author's request to open his dungeon and show the radiance of a new day, which is quite predictable, because the prisons of that time really resembled dungeons from tales of Koshchei the Immortal. In addition to the desire to go free, Michael also talks about his longing for a black-eyed girl and a bold horse, but in the second part of the work there are panicked lines that the dungeon is high, and the beloved is very far away. Analysis of Lermontov's poem "The Prisoner" leads to an understanding of the psychology of such abrupt transitions from one mood to another. The third part of the work tells of complete despair.

Analysis of Lermontov's poem "The Prisoner"

Political censorship of the 18th century did not allowto find development for many authors. A difficult period was also when writing the poem "The Prisoner" Lermontov. The analysis of this work will allow us to examine the state of the author at a time when he was in the prison walls because of his creativity.

a poem prisoner of lermont

The first part shows us Lermontov strong-willed anda brave man. His desire to jump on a zealous horse and rush off to his beloved suggests that the ardor of the poet will not be suppressed even by unjust fetters. Mikhail Lermontov was known to the society in which he was rotating, as a rebel with a free idea, which is why many people respected him.

The soul of the poet

Carrying out an analysis of Lermontov's poem "The Prisoner"it is necessary to stop and on the second part. It is presented to the reader in words, in which there is a doubt in one's own strength and a slow awareness of the hopelessness of the situation that has arisen. With such a depressed and disarmed environment, Michael was not at all used to seeing his comrade, that's why the poet could convey all his true feelings only in verse, while still remaining unapproachable in life.

prisoner of Lermontov analysis

Climbing to the third part of the poem, wewe slowly approach its basic meaning. The decadent spirit of the narrative tells us that the poet is tired of fighting for independence with society and is already ready to admit defeat. The period of imprisonment was for Lermontov a certain awareness of the harsh reality with which the creator fought throughout his short life.

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