Mikhail Lermontov's poetry is versatile and instructive, it reveals the life and concepts of the Russian people. Poetry poetry is complex and filled with special power.

A short biography of Lermontov for children. Parents of the poet

This famous man was born in the autumn inMoscow in 1814 - 3 or the old style on October 15. His father was from Tula province and was the son of landlords. The external beauty and kindness of the father were combined with his frivolous disposition. The captain in retirement was also hot and unrestrained.

short biography of Lermontov for children

This guy liked Maria MikhailovnaArsenieva - a dreamy and nervous girl, who, despite the prohibitions of her parents, wanted to become the wife of a difficult and outgoing officer. The life of Mikhail's parents in marriage was unsuccessful. His mother died quite early, and the relationship with his father and grandmother did not go well at all, which left an imprint on the little future of the poet - this is a short biography of Lermontov for children.

Childhood with my grandmother. Moscow

In the Penza region in the grandmother's manor passedthe poet's childhood. Home education was diverse: lessons of foreign languages, music, a course of drawing. Subsequent creativity was significantly influenced by his trips to the Caucasus, where Michael underwent a course of treatment with mineral waters. In this southern resort the poet visited 3 times and wrote many works related to the Caucasus. In 1827, he moved to Moscow with his grandmother. Lermontov's biography for children shows that an indescribable influence on the personality of the poet and his further work was the image of his father as a romantic hero. For example, such works as "People and Passions", as well as "Strange Man" contain echoes of the family conflict of the parents.

Further training

biography of Lermontov for children

In 1828, the poet receives an education inhumanitarian profile in the Noble Boarding School and communicates with the Lopukhins family. One of the four sons would later become a friend of the poet, and Varvara's daughter a muse. The active creative activity of the poet unfolds, and the first poems appear: the "Caucasian captive", "Circassians", the outline of the "Demon". Brief biography of Lermontov for children indicates that the active writing of poems began in the 30s of the XIX century. In the same years, he successfully enrolled in the University of Moscow at the moral and political faculty, but later understands his mistake. In 1832, Mikhail went to St. Petersburg and entered the School of Guards Sub-Providers. In these years he becomes the soul of the company and a ladies' man. The first publications were already in 1835, and in 1837 the death of the poet Pushkin became the basis for composing the poem of the same name.

Duel and death

The first duel took place in the winter of 1840. Then the cause was a sharp attack, which Lermontov allowed himself. A short biography for children already shows that such quarrels at that time could lead to nothing good. But the poet was lucky this time, and he got off with a small wound and a short arrest. However, the quarrel on July 15, 1841, was the last, and his fellow student Martynov shot the poet in the chest, which led to his death.


Lermontov biography short for children

Brief biography of Lermontov for childrenshows that the poet left behind amazing works: "Mtsyri", "Demon", "Borodino", "Poet", "Parus", "Death of the poet", "Duma", "And bored and sad", "The Prophet" "Prisoner", "Cliff", "Motherland", "Spaniards".

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