Enjoying the work of Pushkin, the readeris invariably fascinated by his amazing poetic gift and discovers one of the facets of the talent and personality of this poet. An analysis of Pushkin's poem to Chaadayev allows us to better understand what friendship was for Alexander Sergeyevich.

analysis of Pushkin's poem to Chaadaev

It should be noted that dedicated to friendshippoems occupy a completely special niche in the rich work of the poet. This deep and sincere feeling was born in Pushkin's soul in those wonderful years when the poet studied at the Lyceum and felt the spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood, meeting people who not only found him close in spirit and outlook, but stayed with him throughout life: I. Puschin, V. Kiukhelbeker, A. Delvig and others. It was thanks to friendship that the poet was not once saved from longing, grief and loneliness. It was she who fueled his trust in people and faith in them, made the world around cleaner and more beautiful. This is what Pushkin writes about Chaadaev. Analysis of this poem makes it possible to understand in every detail the thoughts of the poet himself.

The lines that open Pushkin's poem toChaadaev, they talk about a carefree, easy youth, full of love, hopes, youthful amusements and glory quiet. With bright sadness, the poet conveys in words a painful feeling that comes during the inevitable maturation. It all hurts - parting with dreams and naive, childlike illusions.

poem of Pushkin to Chaadaev

An analysis of Pushkin's poem to Chaadayevshows that this poem is a message to a friend. The addressee was a friend of Pushkin, an officer, a philosopher, a member of the well-known "Union of Welfare". That is why, together with friendly lyrics, the poem is permeated with political and civil motives, the expectation of a "holy freeman".

Immediately it is noted that Pushkin is very broadlooks and perceives life around, feels a personal need to feel for everything that is happening to the homeland. It is for this reason that he calls on Chaadayev and all those who consider themselves to be free-thinking youth, to devote their thoughts and life to their homeland. An analysis of Pushkin's poem to Chaadaev clearly shows that the poet had sincere and strong hopes that one day autocracy will be overthrown, and Russia will turn into a free country and, perhaps, will not forget its heroes.

Pushkin to the Chaadaev analysis

This poem without any doubt you canread as patriotic. The theme of the motherland, homeland and freedom here clearly merge into a single whole. The poet was sure that Russia needed educated progressive people, striving for freedom, loving their homeland, intelligent, honest and energetic. That's why he believed that one day a bright future will become a reality, that's why the poem has such a major final.

An analysis of Pushkin's poem to Chaadayev allowsthe strongest way to feel all the integrity and richness of this work. Here everything is so important that it is even difficult to divide the work into more and less important thoughts, to highlight the most important line. The poem was not released immediately after the composition, but it was memorized by all the future Decembrists and all those who sympathized with them and empathized with them. Pushkin succeeded in light and light lines expressing all the sentiments that afflicted the then progressive youth, to become their peculiar mouthpiece and to convey to the next generations not only the ideals of patriotism, but also the aspirations of their contemporaries and their own.

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