Landscape lyrics help to see clearlya picture of nature, but at the same time understand the lyrical hero, as, for example, you can see in one of the works of Alexander Pushkin, if you analyze the poem "The clouds are breaking away the flying ridge ...". The mood and state of mind is in harmony with the surrounding world, the lyrical hero is in a state where everything is blooming, enjoying the beautiful time of the year. But it also happens that the states of the soul and nature are contrasted in the poem.


Analysis of the poem "Redoubts the clouds of the flying ridge" must begin with a reference to the history of its creation. When Pushkin was on the estate of the Davidov brothers, in 1820, he wrote this work.

The poem was preceded by the acquaintance of a young 21-year-old poet with the 15-year-old Maria Raevskaya. He met her when he visited General Raevsky in Gurzuf.

analysis of the poem "The clouds are breaking away the flying ridge"

Years later the youthful infatuation seemed young,a sweet and distant memory. Everyone went his own way. But when Pushkin wrote Alexander Bestuzhev asking him to place the poem in the magazine, the poet asked not to print the last lines, because the message was encrypted in them. However, Bestuzhev did not listen and placed the work completely, which made Pushkin desperate, as he wrote in a letter to his friend.

The main idea, genre and composition

The theme of the poem is hidden in the words "sad","dormant," "tender," "hearty," which speaks of the light sorrow of past love. Nature only helps to remember these tender feelings, to awaken them, provoking only positive emotions. Based on these words you can see the main theme and the thought.

The analysis of the poem "The cloud is breaking away the flying ridge" shows that the work consists of 16 lines, where each sentence is a new picture and thought.

"The clouds are breaking away the flying ridge" analysis of the poem

The poem is divided into three parts, into three states of the soul:

  • the first part - a sad landscape, when the hero was in a sad state and has not yet met love;
  • the second part - memories;
  • the third part is a state of love and an appeal to one's beloved.

Being in his youth, Pushkin wrote"The clouds are breaking away the flying ridge." Analysis of the poem allows you to determine the genre of the work as a romantic elegy, when the poet looked at the landscape that evoked in his memory the image of a young person, and that time and place, "where everything is sweet for the heart," which he spent on the bank of the Kamenka River.

Smooth speech, male and female rhymes, eight couplets - and all this is written with a six-foot iambic.

It is interesting that the poem had several names: "Taurian Star", "Epigram in the Taste of the Ancients" - but it remained without a name, based on which the first lines were taken.

"The clouds are breaking away the flying ridge": analysis of the poem, trails

Harmony with nature is a state of lyricalhero, he looks at the landscape and sees the image of his beloved, which means that the poet used the personification in the work, comparing the star with the girl. The use of personification makes the nature lively and sensual, it seems to understand the hero and brings back wonderful memories of the past moment. Because of the used technique, there is no feeling of any kind of lostness, no sadness, no sadness, but only a bright memory that everyone had, and, as a lyrical hero, he remembers this time with a smile.

"The clouds are breaking away the flying ridge" analysis of the poem, trails

Analysis of the poem "The clouds are fading away"ridge "helps to see other trails such as epithets (the celestial height, sad star, black rock peaks), metaphors (beam oserebril plain) staroslavyanizmy (I dragged over the sea) and metonymy (the faded plains).

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