You can show your skills in different areas: be a wonderful confectioner or a savvy economist, a successful businessman or a creative furniture maker. And you can be a gifted artist. So is Dmitry Nazarov. The biography of the actor's favorite millions of fans has a huge number of roles in films and plays. To date, he is also known as a talented TV presenter.

biography of Dmitri Nazarov

In July 1957, 4 numbers, in the Russian capital ina simple family was born a wonderful boy. On that sunny day, and began a biography of Dmitry Nazarov - the future great artist of the theater and cinema. From an early age, the boy had an incomprehensible craving for the theater for his native people. None of his relatives had anything to do with art. Dima willingly and with pleasure participated in all the children's theatrical productions and long before the graduation he decided to enter the theater school.

However, the first attempt turned into a defeat - hefailed. At this time Dmitry Nazarov's biography turns absolutely in another direction: the disappointed young man decides to get rid of his dream of acting career forever and starts the career of a confectioner. For several years he managed to achieve amazing success in this field and climb high up the career ladder.

dmitriy nazarov biography

And then, in his mind, the dream of a scene again pops up. Pushing fears to the background, the young man stormed the school for them. Shchepkina. And passes. He is enrolled in the course of V. Korshunov.

In the jubilee 1980, the scene of the Maly Theater founda new idol of the public, which became only an actor Dmitry Nazarov, who had escaped from the shackles of the school. The biography of a talented young man as an artist began to gain momentum. He performed twenty-five years on the stage. During this period, a huge number of performances were played. Changed many roles. Dmitry Nazarov appeared on the stage of the Theater of the Russian Army, theaters "Sphere" and the Moscow Art Theater. Since 1993, he began to be recognized as the Honored Artist of Russia.

The film industry and Nazarov

The biography of Dmitry Nazarov was formed undera successful arrangement of stars. He was favored in the theater. The actor was compared with Gerard Depardieu. He was called the most talented actor of that time. Did not ignore him and the glory in the movies. The initial small roles did not bring the artist much success. But then he got his first major role. This was in 1996. Dmitry starred in the movie "On the raft." And the career of the actor of cinema quickly went up the hill. One after another, followed by significant roles, and Dmitry Nazarov gained popularity and love of viewers. To his excellent work, no doubt, you can relate the following pictures: four parts of the tape "Challenge", as well as films "Law", TV series "Kitchen" and others.

actor dmitriy nazarov biography

It is worth noting that the biography of Dmitry Nazarovincludes also success in Western cinema. The debut was "Largo Winch. A conspiracy in Burma. " A special role in his filmography is assigned to the tape "Yeltsin. Three days in August ", where he played the main role. In addition to success in film and theater, Dmitry achieved fame and as a showman. On the channel NTV, he successfully conducts the program "Culinary Duel."

Personal life

Dmitry Nazarov was married twice. About his first wife, almost nothing is known. From that marriage, the actor has an adult daughter, Nina. The second wife of the artist is Olga Vasilyeva. The couple have two children: a son and a daughter.

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