The theme of this article will be a biography of MalikovDmitry - a famous Soviet and Russian singer, composer, successful actor, TV host and producer. In 2010, he was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia, and it's worth a lot. Detailed biography of Dmitry Malikov can not be stated on one page. Therefore, we will try to consider the main points of his creative and personal life.

biography of Malikov dmitry

Biography of Dmitry Malikov: childhood

A future musician has appeared in the familyfamous people - the founder of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Samotsvety" Yuri Malikov and the ballerina of the Moscow Music Hall, Lyudmila Vyunkova. It happened on January 29, 1970. In 1997 it became known that Dmitri's grandfather was none other than Eduard Kolmanovsky, a talented composer. It so happened that his father Yuri Fedorovich was at one time carried away by Kolmanovsky's daughter, Svetlana, and she became pregnant with him. But when it became known, Malikov already married Vjunkovoy. Svetlana was very worried about this news, and when a boy appeared who she called Dima, she decided to give him up for education to her lover and his new wife. Dima had loving parents, but always too busy, so he lived with his grandmother in Chekhov near Moscow. His own mother often came to see his son, like his famous grandfather. He initiated that his grandson would study music, give it to music school, and then to the conservatory in Moscow, which Dima graduated with honors.

Biography of Malikov Dmitry: the beginning of his career

biography of dmitry malikov

The guy first spoke to the public at the age of 13,already at 14 went on tour with the ensemble of his father, and in 16 he wrote his first songs, which were performed by Larisa Dolina and "Samotsvety". Eduard Kolmanovsky helped his grandson with "promotion" in every possible way, but if Dima was not really so talented, no protégé would help him. On television, Malikov's debut took place in 1986, when he sang "I am painting a picture" in the "Shire Circle" program.

Biography of Malikov Dmitriy: the finest hour

True glory overtook the artist when hewas eighteen. A concert was held at the Green Theater in honor of the jubilee of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, where Dima sang two author's songs - "You will never be mine" and "Moon Dream". The compositions immediately took off on the first lines of the charts. Malikov was offered to participate in various programs, in particular, "Morning mail", "New Year's flame", etc.

In addition to his singing career, Malikov successfully develops his acting skills. He also writes songs for many other artists of the Russian stage.

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In 2006, Dmitry Yurievich became one of theorganizers of a unique large-scale musical project called "Pianomania" - an instrumental show in which a harmonious combination of Russian classics, modern arrangements and ethnic motifs was found.

The past few years, the artist is engaged in piano music. In 2010 he gave his first solo concerts in Moscow and Paris, in 2012 he released an album.

Dmitry Malikov not only develops himself, but alsohelps to do this to others. He showed himself as a successful producer, giving the audience a group of Plazma. Now he helps to build a career for such young performers as Lena Valewska and Sardor Rakhimkhon (Uzbekistan). Also Malikov is the founder of the charitable foundation "Penetrating into the Heart".

Familyman Dmitry Malikov: biography

The artist's wife, Elena Malikova, is one of the most beautiful women in Russia. The couple brings up two children: Olga's daughters (from Elena's first marriage) and a joint Stefania (born in 2000).

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