Dmitry Samokhin is a well-known Russian writer. Dmitry's books, written in the genre of fiction, are very fond of the readership and today occupy high positions in the ratings of contemporary literature.

On the biography of the writer

Biography of Dmitry Samokhin can easilyfind on his page in the well-known online magazine "Samizdat". Despite the fact that many authors hide biographical facts, Dmitry openly talks about himself.

Dmitriy Samokhin

In addition to the biography of Dmitry Samokhin, the writer's photo is also in the public domain on social networks.

Biographical facts

Dmitry Samohin was born on February 6, 1980 in theSt. Petersburg. He graduated from high school in his native town. After Dmitry Samokhin entered the Faculty of History at the A. Herzen University in the same St. Petersburg.

Later, Dmitry decided to try to find his ownshelter and in another field of science - in jurisprudence. After a short meditation, Dmitry Samokhin entered the law faculty, soon graduating successfully.


For a very long time Dmitry's work was closely connected with the television channel "Russia".

 dmitriy samohin biography

In addition, Dmitry Samokhin was a participant in the filming of the famous television program in St. Petersburg "The policeman."

Personal life

Speaking of himself, Dmitry says that he has a wonderful beloved wife and two beautiful and kind children in this marriage.

About creativity

The author himself says that he started writing inthe age of 6 years. But, as Dmitri himself points out, he got to the literary genre of fiction only in 2000, despite the fact that throughout his life, science fiction was one of the author's most favorite genres.

Two of his first stories, while still quiteyoung, Dmitry Samokhin sent to the famous Petersburg publishing house "Noon. Twenty first century". Almost without hesitation, it printed in the journal stories of a novice science fiction writer.

After they received a lot of good reviews, Dmitry realized that literary activity, namely fantasy - is the business of his entire life.

About books

In the archive, Dmitry Samokhin has three series of books that are known throughout Russia, are actively read and bought: a series of books "Dag Turovsky", a series of "Lars Russ" and the cycle "Ferry".

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In addition to the main book cycles, in the archive of DmitrySamokhina can find several works written outside the series. Such a novel can be called the book "Changing the Shower", which tells about the mysterious misfortunes happening all over the world. The reader will have to deal with this mess with the protagonist.

Simple syllable with which works are writtenwriter, does not force the reader to delve deeply into the meaning of sentences. A sharp plot entices and draws into the networks of each reader. Heroes, about which Dmitry writes, do not resemble each other.

What can we say in general about the author's work? His books are fascinating, read in one breath, do not contain too many philosophical thoughts of the writer. In addition, they are filled with irony and jokes, which, naturally, distracts the reader from his everyday problems and worries.

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