Celebrities are often interested in many people,and is not an exception Dmitry Peskov. The biography of this person is very interesting and ambiguous. The press secretary of Russia has interested many, therefore it is necessary to understand more in detail with his biography.

President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov. Carier start

October 17, 1967 in Moscow was born the futurepress secretary Dmitry Sergeevich Peskov. He was educated at ISSA at Moscow State University, after which he immediately began to work in the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but here he did not work very long. Dmitry was also on duty the referent, and the secretary of the Russian embassy in Turkey, and the third secretary of the embassy of the USSR. He occupied these posts until 1994. In the same year, Dmitry began to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. 1996 was a step for him in a new life - Peskov became the second secretary of the Russian embassy in Turkey.

Often you can hear that the choice of careerCelebrity influenced the father of Dmitry, and, obviously, he did it not in vain. During the first 10 years of his work in the system, Peskov achieved very good results and became a very famous, successful and famous person. The activities of the future press secretary in the political sphere began back in Soviet times.

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Growth of Peskov's career since 2000

In 2000 Dmitry became the head of the department forrelations with the media. Later he proceeded to state. service in the presidential administration. This coincided with the resignation of Yeltsin and the coming to power of the current President of the Russian Federation.

Dmitry has always held the highest posts, such as the head of the department for relations with the media, deputy press secretary of the Russian state. leader, etc.

In 2004, Peskov took the post of Deputy Press Secretary of the Russian Federation Alexei Gromov.

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Putin appointed Peskov as press secretary

May 22, 2012 in the life of Dmitry happened, probably, one of the most important events in his life - Vladimir Putin appointed him his press secretary. But no one is even surprised at this outcome of the events, since Peskov was always a respected person, he went to success and achieved what he wanted.

Many people say that they know everything about PutinDmitry Peskov. The celebrity's biography is a confirmation. For many years, the diplomat has been working with Vladimir Vladimirovich, so you can argue that Dmitry can tell you everything about the President of Russia.

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Personal life of a celebrity

Personal life of Dmitry Peskov is improving afterdivorce from ex-spouse Catherine in 2012, with whom they had three children. The ex-wife shared that the divorce was due to the treachery of Dmitry, but Catherine chose not to voice the name of the woman, because of which the couple dispersed. Some sources say that the woman who separated Dmitri and Ekaterina is called Tatiana Navka. Despite the circumstances, Peskov and his ex-wife managed even after the divorce to be warm and communicate well.

Former wife of Dmitry Peskov develops personala life. The woman has recovered from the divorce for a long time and is ready to build new relationships. However, it must be said that Dmitry Peskov's personal life is also improving. It has long been rumored that a romantic relationship develops between Tatiana Navka and Peskov. At first, the couple, of course, hid their romance, but already in 2014 Navka and the press-secretary ceased to keep their relationship a secret. Immediately after that, many began to suspect that Tatyana's new-born daughter was from Dmitry, but the couple immediately denied these rumors.

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Personal qualities of Dmitry Peskov

Sands perfectly get along with people, can findto each approach. He has an excellent sense of humor and oratorical skills, which, of course, can only be attributed to his pluses. Dmitry often has to communicate with different people, so he has long learned to find a common language with them.

Sands - a balanced and calm person,who is always able to control the situation and restrain their emotions. Dmitry always takes care of all the details, and do not forget that the press secretary is a creative and enterprising person.

Despite the fact that he is calm and balanced,he is able to convince and influence his interlocutor. In connection with all the above qualities, many people are interested in Dmitry Peskov. The biography of this man is quite interesting and ambiguous. Therefore, it is not surprising that Dmitry is an attractive person.

The current press secretary of Vladimir Putin -Dmitry Peskov. The biography of this personality shows that this person is versatile and purposeful. Behind his personal life and career growth is watched by a huge number of people who are always happy with his success and agree with his decisions. Dmitry achieved great success in his life, worked in various positions, which, of course, gave him experience and wisdom. The Press Secretary of the Russian Federation is a successful and intelligent person, who is worthy of respect.

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