According to legend, the first sample of wine was taken by Noah at the footMount Ararat, having experienced the life-giving power of the drink. It is in these wonderful places with an amazing climate and enchanting nature that the world famous spirits "Ararat" are produced.

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A little about the Yerevan Brandy Factory

The plant has long been famous for the highest quality of itscognacs and old recipes. For production, only local varieties of grapes are used: Mskhali, Garandmak, Kangun, Voskehat, Rkatsirei. The wonderful nature of the Ararat valley serves the winemakers. This warm, affectionate sun, warming the vines more than three hundred days a year. It is a diverse soil (more than thirty species), rich in minerals. It is the cleanest mountain air, blooming vineyards from all sides.

As experts say, the same varietyThe grapes here have different flavors. It is from such a multifaceted and diverse source product that the resultant cognac "Nairi" turned out to be. He was given a rich aroma of grapes, his unique taste rich in shades.

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The Legend of Nairi

Thousands of years ago in the place of modern Armeniawas a pure and unspoiled highlands. Mountain slopes were covered with greenery, from below flowed rivers with crystal clear water. Fertile valleys coexisted with mountain gorges. It was in this wonderful place that the mountainous and invincible Nairi people lived. It is this place that Armenians consider the progenitor of modern Armenia.


The Yerevan Brandy Factory produces a hugenumber of species of strong alcohol: "Ararat", "Akhtamar", "Festive", "Selected". Cognac "Nairi" is at the forefront of the list of the most popular products of the plant. This alcohol is produced according to the ancient recipe from the indigenous grape varieties. It consists of alcohols that have a general exposure for more than twenty years.

Cognacs are kept in special barrels,which are made from local oak. It is thanks to the Caucasian oak, the drink acquires a natural vanilla-chocolate flavor and a fruity shade in the aroma. The smell of Armenian cognac is unique. Experts and experts share the opinion that the aromas of brandy from Armenia can not be found in any other drinks.

After aging and last tasting cognacpoured into a container. The most commonly used bottles with a capacity of 0.5 liters, less often there are 0.7 and 1.0. A bottle of strong dark glass is packed in a dark cardboard box. Packaging is sustained in brown shades, laconic and strict, both restrained and rich, like all Armenian.

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All Armenian cognacs are availablecost. Of course, a few thousand rubles for a bottle will seem expensive to someone, but if you are a true connoisseur who has suffered damage from buying, say, French counterparts, then this amount is ridiculous. Cognac "Nairi" (20 years), the price for which is very democratic, has long been fond of connoisseurs and gourmets. Depending on the volume will change and the cost. For example, a bottle of 0.5 liters will cost from 3100 to 4000 rubles. Tare volume of 0.7 liters will be slightly more expensive - 4200-4700 rubles. Everything will depend on the store.

Experts advise to pay attention toonline stores where you can buy inexpensive cognac "Nairi" (20 years). The price here will be an order of magnitude lower than in the supermarket or duty-free. And if you get on sales, you can grab a bottle and for 2000 rubles.

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Taste and flavor

At once I want to note that "Nairi" is a drink of surprisingly deep color of dark amber. It has an impeccable transparency and a pleasant sheen. The texture is soft, silky and harmonious.

Cognac "Nairi" is very versatilecomplex taste. It immediately feels a light note of toasted bread, combined with notes of dried apricots, raisins, caramel and honey. In the background, it is pleasant to feel a shade of cinnamon, oak bitterness and a slight fragrance of wormwood. The aftertaste is smooth and lasting. The last shades that are felt after consuming the drink are oak and walnut films. In the aftertaste are also felt some fruit notes, but they are light, not astringent and unobtrusive.

As the experts say, Armenian cognac 5 stars -it is a drink with a changeable female character. At the first sips you feel an elegant sweetness, a little later the shade changes. It becomes more astringent and complex, thick oak notes are added in the aftertaste. The aroma of this cognac also has a complex composition. Initially, opening the bottle, you will feel a slight whiff of balsamic fragrance. Later the aroma leaves in the direction of cedar and oak shades.

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Armenian cognac "Nairi", reviews of whichvarious, many buy only for the holiday. Now it is a favorite drink for special occasions and gatherings with friends. The price is affordable, the taste is amazing, the aroma and aftertaste hold for a long time and create a feeling of pleasant bliss.

Many buyers say that earlier fromforeign trips brought expensive French cognac. After trying once the cognac Armenian 5 stars "Nairi", they forever refused to buy his French counterparts. First, the quality of the Armenian drink turned out to be an order of magnitude higher. Secondly, the price is much more affordable. Thirdly, the taste of cognac from Armenia is much more pleasant, softer and more fragrant.

Even without being an expert, we can say that thisCognac is surprisingly pleasant to the taste and fascinates with its caramel-chocolate aroma. Once you try, do not want to screw up your eyes, eat something, drink it, or just frown. Cognac "Ararat Nairi" was pleased with a pleasant light taste, unusual fruit notes in the aftertaste and a wonderful nutty aroma.

The biggest plus of real Armenian cognacs -The next morning my head does not hurt. The cognac "Nairi" is drunk very easily, even without chocolate and fruits. Excellent for gatherings with friends or quiet family evenings by the fireplace. With him "next" I want to talk calmly, to discover for myself, enjoying and slowly, the wonderful and mysterious world of Armenia.

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