Maternity and the process of gestation and birthchild - sacred to a woman. This is connected with its sacred purpose, it is its function, inherent in nature. But sometimes even experienced mothers tend to be surprised: "Why dream that I give birth to a child?" After all, the purely physiological process of the birth of a new person is very painful, and the reasons why a woman suddenly goes through this procedure in the kingdom of Morpheus must be very strong.

what's the dream that gives birth
At the same time, as it turned out, many are interested inthe question of what I dream about, that I give birth, and various dream books have countless interpretations of these dreams. Let's see which of them are most common.

Most often, the interpreters of dreams completelytransfer the symbolism of this process from the sphere of psychology. Since the main function of birth is the beginning of a new life, then dreams on this subject are treated accordingly. Here, for example, the dream of Felomena gives the following definition of what it means to give birth in a dream: it predicts the beginning of a new business, during which you will have to overcome difficulties (meaning the severity of the childbirth), but then the result will be very important and significant (the weight of the appearance of a new life) .

to see in a dream that gave birth
Medea's dream book also considers such a visionpositive sign. It can mean that the future will be happy. It is especially good for a man to see a woman in a dream. But also women, who in response to this can exclaim: "And what is it that dreams that I give birth?" - will not stay aloof. To them, such visions all the more promise happiness. True, in the opinion of some interpreters, this process can also symbolize frivolous connections, in which the girl fell.

According to the compilers of the erotic dream book, forany woman to see in a dream that gave birth, denotes the rapid receipt of a fundamentally new knowledge, through which a dreamer can become someone more meaningful than before. It can also mean the emergence of a new person in life - and depending on the feelings experienced in the process of procreation, the one who sees the dream, it will be clear whether a new acquaintance will become a friend or not.

what does it mean to give birth in a dream
The newest interpreters interpret such visionsquite differently. If modern mages ask a girl: "Why dream that I give birth?", They will report that for sure - to family happiness and pride for their offspring. Especially strong it will be an omen if several babies were born in a dream. But miscarriage or premature birth according to this interpreter will mean that it's time to leave the old ideas and ideas as fruitless and to plan a new beginning in your life.

Anyway, but the process of birththe child in a dream is a kind, bright and promising symbol of good prospects, regardless of the context and mood of sleep. Therefore, a woman should not worry, if unexpectedly, she will begin to give birth in the world of dreams. And, perhaps, it will be an occasion to reflect on the further continuation of its kind - perhaps, right now it is the best moment in life for this.

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