As you know, a person can not live without food,accordingly, the process of food intake is for us the most that neither is a natural and necessary thing. What if you dreamed that you ate something? We propose to learn about the interpretations of such a dream, referring for help to several of the most detailed and famous dream books of our time.

what do you dream about what you eat

Dream Hasset: what you dream about, what you eat

According to this source, if in a dream you atesomething very tasty, then in life you are waiting for prosperity and prosperity. Tasteless dishes promise sickness and lack of pleasure. Spoiled food foreshadows bad news. If you dreamed that someone else is eating, then in the near future, expect an invitation to some interesting event.

what does it dream to eat meat

Why dream about what you eat: Sonnik Tsvetkova

According to this source, a dream in which youeat something in food, promises a string of minor troubles. However, if you dreamed that you are eating bread, then such a vision is considered a good sign, predicting luck and gaining wealth. The dream in which you see eating other people is seen as a forerunner of your exaltation over others. If in a dream you consider a variety of tasty dishes, but do not touch them, then you are expected some kind and happy events.

Medieval dream book: why dream about what you eat

In the opinion of the compilers of this collectioninterpretations of dreams, if you dream that you eat some sweets, then in real life you risk experiencing violence against you or your loved ones. Be careful! If you imagined that you are eating dust or earth, then prepare for an early departure.

The Italian dream book of Meneghetti: what you dream about, what you eat

what does it dream to have a sweet

This source considers the use of food asa symbol of vitality, power, love and the continuation of the family. Therefore, if you eat something in a dream, then in real life, you want to gain more strength, power, love and vitality. Tasty and high-quality food symbolizes satisfaction with the current life situation and your status. If in a dream you constantly chew, then perhaps in reality you lack love or dissatisfaction in professional activity. To give food to other people - to strive to help the suffering, thereby improving their image and increasing their status.

Small Weles dream book: what does the food intake look like?

According to the authors of this dream book, in generalthe process of eating promises a dreamer of sadness, problems, difficulties, or even illness. If you dreamed that you ate pancakes, then expect important news. Why dream of eating sweet? Such a dream promises great joy and the pleasant troubles associated with it. Beans are dreaming of unpleasant troubles, rolls - to the probability of encountering theft, mushrooms - to problems with the stomach, peas - to tears. Why dream about eating meat? Such a dream is seen as a forerunner of a series of troubles and difficulties that will not take long to wait and soon in excess will arise on your life path.

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