People from ancient times considered the crow a very clever bird. And today you can sometimes see her as a pet. But what if this creeping thing dreamed to you? In order to learn how to interpret such a dream, we decided to seek advice from several well-known dream books.

what does a crow dream about

Why does a raven dream? Dream Interpretation of Freud

As you know, this dream book considersmost phenomena and images from a sexual point of view. So the crows or crow seen in a dream are symbols of the fact that in your personal life the inner essence is completely blocked by external factors. It means: you and your partner are very good intimately, but you are not sure that there is more than that. It is possible that you literally have nothing to talk about. Be sure to think about this and analyze your connection.

Why does a raven dream? Modern dream book

According to the interpretation of this dream book, seen ina dream of a raven or a crow are sad messengers, who, by their appearance and croaking, announce the impending calamities. If you hear croaking crow in a dream, then in real life you can make irreparable mistakes due to some external interference. If such a dream is dreaming of a young man, then he should be cautious in dealing with women who can weave intrigues and resort to unpleasant tricks. If you dream that a huge flock of crows covers the ground, you should expect a rise in food prices and a bad harvest.

what does a raven dream about

Why does a raven dream? Medieval dream book

If you are pursuing a crow in a dream, then in reallife do not stop before any dangers and obstacles on the way to achieving your goal. If you hold a bird in your hands, then you will have great luck. If you see a raven flying above you, then in real life beware of temptations, because in the future they can turn into big trouble. If you take small crows in hands, then you will have a quiet life.

Why does a raven dream? Dream Interpretation from A to Z

The crow seen in a dream symbolizes the evilto lead and sad events. Barking birds are a warning that under the influence of others you can make a series of unforgivable mistakes. If you are catching crows in a dream, then in real life, you may lose mutual understanding with someone close to you or with your relatives, with whom you have always developed a good and harmonious relationship. If you see a flock sitting on the tree, then a meeting or social event awaits you, which will be just a waste of time.

what does a black raven dream about

What does the raven dream about?: Wangi's dream book

This dream book, like most others, alsoconsiders a dreamed crow, as a sad messenger, announcing future problems, misfortunes and troubles. The flock of birds in the sky can mean the onset of military operations, in which people will perish. Screaming crows is a symbol of the fact that someone close to them is threatened with death. To avoid this, you need to pray regularly. Why does a black crows dream? Such a dream signals a possible serious illness of someone close or relatives, so it is worth recommending that they pay increased attention to caring for their health.

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