Our great-grandmothers also claimed that if they were dreamingfish, then this is definitely for pregnancy. Well, perhaps, someone had this sign and worked. But if the fish dreams, let's say, a man, does he also become pregnant? Therefore, we will not think and guess, but rather we turn to the dream books, in which everything is clearly spelled out.

the fish are dreaming

So, what does a live fish dream aboutSigmund Freud? Here everything is extremely simple: to catch a fish in a dream means to have some problems in the sexual sphere, namely, the inability to disconnect from thoughts about vital problems during intimacy. This, according to the scientist, can affect mental health, because both partners remain dissatisfied, and, therefore, are prone to various neuroses and aggressive behavior.

If we interpret what the fish dream about,Muslim dream book, then another answer awaits you: one or two little fishes - you will soon have a wife; a lot of big fish - to wealth, property; petty - to cares and sorrows.

what does the dead fish look like?

Very convincing in deciphering this dreamNostradamus. In his opinion, if a fish that falls from the sky dreams, it is a very bad omen, connected with a possible ecological catastrophe or other disasters. Fishing in a dream is an attempt to find a way out of a real problem. Too much fish warns that relying on fate does not make sense, otherwise you can miss a great chance at anything. If you dreamed of three live fish - this is a very good sign.

A very interesting interpretation of dreams about fishthe Italians. They, like Freud, see in the fish a phallic symbol that is inseparable from sex. So, if one person dreams that he gives a fish to another, it indicates that subconsciously this person wants sexual contact with the person to whom the gift was given. If a woman sees in a dream that she accepts a fish from a man and immediately begins to clean it, this means that this man did not please her to something that subconsciously she wants to castrate him.

What does a live fish dream about?
If you look at the dream books, why dreams are deadfish, most of them do not bode well. According to Nostradamus, this will mean that you have a bad relationship with a certain high-ranking person. In the dreambook Fedorkovskaya affirms that it is to illness or miscarriage. The Ukrainian interpreter of dreams states that this is just an outrage. The most, probably, pleasant decoding of what the fish dreams of, which has already become rotten and decayed, is in the dream book of Tsvetkov. It says that such a dream presages a sudden increase in income, wealth.

If you sleep and see how you eat a fish, thenthis may portend a prosperous solution or the completion of any serious problems. Freud also argues that if a dream sees a man, it means his disparaging attitude towards women. Ukrainian dream book says that if a woman eats fish, then her delivery will be easy, and if a man - then he will have many mistresses. Nostradamus also promises that a fish eaten in a dream in the wake will bring unexpected, but very pleasant news.

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