Most often, cancer is associated with people with threethings: a serious and dangerous disease, a zodiac sign or a delicious snack for beer. And what does it mean if you saw cancer in a dream? To answer this question, we suggest that you seek help from several dream books.

what does cancer look like

What does cancer look like?: dream book from A to Z

If you dream that you are catching crayfish, then inreal life you can count on considerable support from friends or sponsors. If you eat cancer in a dream, then be wary: you can bring on a great misfortune, inadvertently disclose some mystery. Dead cancer is a sign that you can soon be deceived when you buy some very expensive stuff. If you are treated to cancers, you will soon be invited to a grand celebration or a feast.

What does cancer look like?: an esoteric dream book

This dream book states: If in a dream you catch crayfish, then your life will be easy and carefree. If you cook or cut cancer, then you expect a stir and turmoil in the house, as well as unexpected news and events. If you eat crayfish in a dream, then you will have to take part in some kind of amateur performance. If you dream about cancer as a disease, then do not worry much: perhaps you are too afraid to really get cancer, in fact, the probability of this is extremely small. In general, the dreamed cancer symbolizes the collapse of some plans or failure in business.

what is the dream of cancers

What does cancer look like?: dream book XXI centuries

If you dream cooked crawfish, then you are threatenedfinancial losses and losses. Live cancer, chasing you, predicts serious disagreements and quarrels with close friends. If you catch cancer, then in real life you will be able to establish relationships and find a common language with a person who in the past was your enemy or wished you evil. Fighting cancer of enormous size symbolizes the inner struggle of man with himself. A very good sign is that if a person born under the zodiac sign of Cancer dreams of this animal. Fate will smile at you, giving success in business and personal life. What does the living crayfish dream about in a vessel or on the ground? If such a dream was seen by a woman, then the probability of her pregnancy is high in the very near future.

what is the dream of living crawfish

What does cancer look like?: the ABC of the Interpretation of Dreams

This source claims that a dream in whichare crayfish, is a symbol of a return to long-gone times, and is also a reflection of the slowness that is characteristic of these amusing creatures. If in a dream you catch and eat crayfish, then such a dream predicts your success, health and quiet life. If you see cancer of huge size or a large number of cancers, then such a dream should be regarded as a warning and a reminder of your typical laziness and inertia.

What is a dream about crayfish: a large universal dream book

This source treats the dreamed crayfish asconfirmation of the problems in your personal life, namely about the complexes that are inherent in you, which prevent you from completely relaxing in the company of a loved one. Cooked crayfish symbolize possible losses or troubles. Live crawfish predicting an early departure or refusal of something very desirable.

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