Every day we somehow find ourselveson the road that leads us to work, home, on business, to relatives and native people. And what does it mean if the road had a dream at night? To explain such a dream, let's turn to the most authoritative dream books of our time for help.

what is the road to dreaming about

What is the dream of a road: dream book of Gustavus Miller

This dream book states that in a dream it is very importantpay attention to what the dream looks like. If you are moving on an unfamiliar and rocky road, then in reality you are awaited by business that will bring trouble or become just a loss of your time. If you see a lot of trees or flowers along the roadsides, then in real life you can smile unexpected luck. If along the way you go side by side with friends, this is a symbol of great family happiness and well-being. If you are out of the way in a dream, you risk making a serious mistake in business or at work. Such a dream signals the need to show more vigilance and zeal in business.

what does a straight road

What is the dream of a road: Wangi's dream book

If you dream a curve road, then this isbright evidence of your bad thoughts or actions. Think, perhaps, you are not going in the right direction, for which you can pay. If you see a straight and wide road in a dream, then in real life you have chosen the right, though sometimes difficult, path that will allow you to have a strong family, stable work and material well-being. If the dreamed road is deserted, then most likely, in reality you are suffering from loneliness. If you are paving the road, then thanks to perseverance, perseverance and work will achieve in a life of great heights. If the road that you walk in a dream is dusty, then in reality you are surrounded by evil and deceitful people who try to harm you and discredit your good name in every possible way. If the road in a dream is narrow, then your path to happiness and prosperity will be difficult, but in the end you will be able to achieve what you want.

the road was a dream

What is the dream of a road: an intimate dream book

This dream book states that the dreamed roadis a reflection of your life's path. If the road is not level, but on the contrary, consists entirely of bumps and bumps, then your personal life is very complicated and complicated. You have to constantly overcome barriers and barriers, in the emergence of which in most cases you are to blame. If the road is smooth and smooth, and ideally rises uphill, then very soon you will achieve all that you desire.

What is the dream of a road: An ancient French dream book

If in a dream your road is riddled with obstacles,and it's hard for you to go, then in real life the path to achieving the goal will not be easy. If the road is beautiful and shady, then your life will be long and serene. If the road is full of convolutions and turns, then you are in for failures. Why dream of a straight road? Such a dream is a very good sign and foreshadows an early success and fulfillment of your desires. Also, a close happiness symbolizes the railway seen in a dream.

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