Every year on December 27, Russia marks one of theimportant holidays of the country - Day of the rescuer. This date was chosen not casually - in 1990 this day appeared the Russian corps of rescuers. In addition, this date is considered the date of formation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which is why this day is celebrated the Day of the Rescuer of Russia.

day of the rescuer

Extraordinary incidents and situations ariseconstantly: then a forest fire, then explosions in homes, then problems in the pipeline, then ignition in factories and plants, then releases of radioactive and chemical substances, then large-scale accidents on the railways. Such situations can not be enumerated. And irrespective of whether the epidemiological, natural or man-made disaster occurred - none other than rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are engaged in its elimination.

When there is an emergencyaccident, the first on the scene of the tragedy appear rescuers. They are always rushing to the rescue where they need their strength and fearlessness, whether it is a flood, a blockage or a traffic accident.

day of the rescuer of Russia

These are truly courageous guys, who daily savethousands of lives, risking their own. Well, think for yourself, how can you not celebrate the Day of the Rescuer of the Russian Federation? Therefore, if there are rescuers among your relatives and friends - do not forget to congratulate them and wish that in their life there would be less than an emergency.

By the way, Day of the rescuer is marked not only with congratulations and awards of people-rescuers. Particular attention is paid to dogs that are engaged in saving people.

day of the rescuer
In today's world for rescue afternatural disasters and for the search for victims are applied irreplaceable helpers of people - specially trained German shepherds. For such hard work this breed was chosen not casually: they are better than all other dogs adapted to extreme weather conditions and perfectly suited to the strictest training.

But to save people on the water useNewfoundland, able to work even in a very strong storm. This breed of dogs perfectly keeps on water and understands its main purpose. Well, specialists in the rescue of mountain skiers and climbers are considered to be the St. Bernards.

Very touching moments, many watchwhen, during rescue on the water, the rescue dog sails to the victim or drowning in a special vest. Further, the dog enables a person to hold on to himself, delivering him thus on land. There are cases when the victim on the water is unconscious, then the dog itself pulls him to the shore. Is not this an amazing sight?

Recently rescuers come to the rescueset of the newest technologies and techniques, but the most effective and effective method of search and rescue on water remains the cynological. After all, dog intuition and scent can not be replaced by anything: a four-legged rescuer has the enviable ability to "notice" the weakest smells and distinguish them among the many unnecessary ones. It is proved that one rescue dog replaces the work of ten people.

And the biggest award of the four-time rescueris the salvation of human life, and indeed of any other living being. Imagine only the fact that if a dog does not manage to save a person or if she does not find living people, she has the strongest depression. Therefore, on the Day of the Rescuer, it is very important to pay special attention to the rescue dogs, rewarding not only people but also our hairy friends for exploits.

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