The winter month of February has many holidays,there are at least thirty of them. In this article will be presented well-known and not very festive days, which rich in February. Weekends and holidays give people a huge amount of energy and joy.

Defender of the Fatherland Day

Of particular note is, of course, oneThe holiday is February 23rd. Now more often this feast is perceived as a man's day, and it is customary to give their congratulations not only to those who have served in the army. In the working calendar, it is considered a day off since 2002. It is worth mentioning the history of origin separately.

Initially, this holiday was called the Day of the Redarmy and navy, because it was at this time in 1918 that the Red Guard won for the first time in the fight against German troops. In the USSR, this date was the Day of the Soviet Army and the Navy. Its current name was received only in 1993. Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, our remarkable country celebrates with triumph and warmth. Everyone is proud of the strength of the army of the Russian state, because it is the best in the whole world.

On February 23, it is necessary to remember thatRussia was and remains the best country in the military sphere. Men who have passed through the army, ready at any time to go to war, are real heroes. On this day all congratulations and gifts are dedicated to them.

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St. Valentine's Day

Good mood is given all the holidays. In February, celebrate a wonderful holiday, which is dedicated to all couples in love. On this day, people admit to each other in love.

The legend of this holiday is veryinteresting. Probably, many people know it. Bishop Valentine, in secret from the government in Rome, crowned the couple. Loving hearts thanks to him could forever before God become a husband and wife. On February 14, Valentine was executed, that's why it was decided to honor him on that day. Many couples choose this date for the wedding, believing that so the marriage will be more robust.

Many are wondering why on February 14all write to each other "valentines". The answer is simple: Valentin before his death wrote a declaration of love to one girl in a letter (according to another version, his relatives and relatives). This day is really wonderful. Look for your second half and give them a lot of positive emotions!

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A week before the Great Lent beginsMaslenitsa week. This is an ancient Slavic holiday, which has many customs. Each day of this week has its own specific name, as well as the rules for its conduct. Shrovetide symbolizes the farewell of the winter, it is at this time that people meet the spring. During this week, as a rule, people go to visit each other, bake pancakes, in shape resembling the sun.

Not only on the street at this time it becomes warmer,but also in the hearts of people. On Sunday, people gather for a festive celebration, burning a scarecrow. Also on the last day of Shrovetide, people ask each other for forgiveness. It should be noted that this holiday was preserved not only in villages and villages, but also in big cities.

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Less well-known holidays in February

We covered the most famous dates. All holidays in February are very bright and kind. Of course, this month there are also such significant days, about which very few people know, but nevertheless they should also be mentioned. For the most part, these are professional holidays, such as Day of the Dentist, Day of Transport Militia, Day of the Diplomatic Worker, etc.

Also many important Orthodox holidaysexists in February, for example, the Meeting of the Lord, the Day of the Monk Savva of Storozhevsky, the Zvenigorod Miracle Worker, and also in February the Great Lent begins.

And what holidays do you know in February?

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