November in Russia, it is necessary to admit, does not pleasean abundance of days off. In the post-Soviet period, the holidays were adjusted in November. Some days off were abolished, while others took an honorable red seat in the calendar.

In addition, certain categories of citizens are singling out special thematic holidays of November. Orthodox believers, in turn, celebrate special events in the church calendar.

Holidays in November

Public Holidays in November

The main and only public holiday in November, which is a day off, is November 4. On this date the Day of National Unity is celebrated.

Unfortunately, today there is a high percentagecitizens who have no idea what holiday falls on November 4. Asking the question of how to rest in November (holidays in the minds of many are associated with the weekend), people do not know what event is associated with the main state November holiday.

At the same time, the date has deep etymologicalroots, since it was noted long before the revolutionary events of 1917, after which it was abolished. During this period, the holidays in November in Russia underwent a serious restructuring. This was due to a change in the politicalregime and building in the country, with a desire to displace and replace all the old that was associated with pre-revolutionary Russia. Some holidays in November were abolished, new ones were introduced, which were noted until the late 1990s - early 2000s.

Thus, the holiday of National Unity, celebrated inRussia until 1917, ceased to be a solemn event. An alternative in Soviet times was the 7th of the same month - the anniversary of the October Revolution. This date became one of the main holidays of the country and was celebrated right up to the change of the political regime in Russia.

November 4 again entered the November holidays in 2005 and is a red date in the calendar to the present.

Anniversary of the liberation of Russia from Polishintervention by princes Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky is of special importance for the history of our country. In connection with this, this memorable date was included in the number of state holidays.

holidays in November

Religious holidays

Church holidays are radically different fromsecular. And although they are not official holidays, many Orthodox believers follow the orthodox calendar and celebrate events related to religion.

The main holidays of November related to the Orthodox Church are:

  • 04.11 - the feast of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.
  • 05.11 - Apostle James, the brother of the Lord. The Monk Elisei Lavrishevsky.
  • 12.11 - the holiday of the icon of the Virgin "Ozyoryanskaya".
  • 22.11 - Icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa".
  • 27.11 - The Apostle Philip, The Heading for the Nativity Fast.
  • 29.11 - The Apostle and Evangelist Matthew.

It should be noted that the church holidays of November fall almost on every date of the month, but the above are the main ones in the Christian Orthodox calendar.

days in November in Russia

Professional Holidays

Significant dates are determined not only bybelonging to this or that secular or religious event. Knowing the holidays in November related to professional subjects, you will not forget to congratulate your relatives and friends, and also have a reason to celebrate a special day related to your work.

Of the most significant and notable events this month, it can be noted:

  • 01.11 - World Day for Vegetarianism.
  • 05.11 - Day of the military intelligence officer.
  • 12.11 - Day of the expert in safety.
  • 13.11 - International Day of the Blind.
  • 17.11 - International Student Day.
  • 21.11 - Day of the accountant.
  • 27.11 - Day of the Marine Corps.
  • 29.11 - Mother's Day.

Weekends in November 2016

In 2016, the only holiday holidayday of November - National Unity Day - falls on Friday. In this connection, no hyphenation is expected. The weekend will last from 4 to 6 November inclusive.

The rest of the non-working days of the month will pass as usual, in the order established by the Labor Code.

how to rest in November holidays

Unusual dates in November

Despite the fact that in this cold pre-winter month there is only one holiday, it is interesting for its special dates.

For example, November 18 marks his birthdayan integral symbol of the New Year holidays - the Russian Santa Claus. This day and month is not chosen by chance. Indeed, it is during this period in the homeland of Father Frost - in the city of Veliky Ustyug - that this winter begins with snow and frosty frosts. Birthday is celebrated according to all rules - with guests and gifts. Father Frost receives congratulations from his "foreign colleagues" - American Santa Claus, European Nikolaus, Dutch Siderkalas and others.

Another interesting November date is 8November. On this day, the humorous KVN club is celebrating its birthday. This date is associated with the first broadcast of games - it was held on November 8, 1961. Since then, KVN has become one of the most beloved humorous programs, and the club team is almost in every university.

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