Each profession requires respect for itself, any work is always in our honor. The states remember this.

How many holidays there are in the world

If you search by directories, you can finda holiday for representatives of almost all specialties. In addition, in every country there is a system of congratulations to workers in this or that sphere. That is why sometimes you can meet for one profession at once three or four holidays, taking place in different states. Sometimes workers in a certain sphere are allocated only in one country. For example, the Day of the Rescuer in Belarus has no analogues in other states.

day of the rescuer in Belarus

The profession of the rescuer is both dangerous and difficult

Despite the fact that a lot of people are working onsecurity, ensuring the safety of life and health of citizens, emergencies can not disappear without a trace. The day of the rescuer in Belarus just identifies brave souls who are able to overcome fear in the struggle for the lives of others. For a day across the country, several dozen fires or landslides may occur, if it is a mountainous area. In such cases, rescuers are the first to come to the rescue of the injured. These include representatives of fire safety, chemical and radiation safety, engineers of PTO, emergency and rescue, subversive and medical services. Each day, risking their lives, they help a huge number of people, therefore, like no one else, deserve a holiday.

January 19 the day of the rescuer in Belarus

When celebrating the day of the rescuer

Day of the rescuer in Belarus falls on January, 19th. It was approved relatively recently, at the very beginning of the 21st century. The reasons for its occurrence were accompanied by terrible events. In 1991, fire services could not cope with all the dangers that occurred on the territory of Belarus. It was then that the government of the state decided to organize a new subdivision, which later became the first Ministry of Emergency Situations in the country. Since that moment various detachments began to appear in the state, whose purpose was to protect the lives of citizens.


Day of the rescuer in Belarus became a statea holiday for employees of all these organizations. Celebration of heroes should always take place magnificently, so that people know the faces of those who risk their lives every day for them. Nevertheless, employees of special services always remain in the shadows, not advertising their intervention. The state holiday on January, 19th, Day of the rescuer in Belarus - such insignificant payment for thousand rescued lives.

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