Important friends "VKontakte" are definedautomatically. When the first in the list are friends, family and loved one, it's convenient. But the relationship can change for different reasons, and the need to constantly see the person's page may fall away. In this article we will describe how to remove from those important friends "VKontakte" those users that you do not want to see at the top of the list.

By what principle does VKontakte identify important friends?

Forming a list of important friends, the algorithm "VKontakte" takes into account such factors:

  • how often you correspond with the user;
  • how often you visit his page;
  • How often do you leave "I like" and comments under the user's notes.

how to remove from important friends vkontakte
In addition, if you recently added a person -he also appears in the top, but not above the important ones that the algorithm has determined. If you do not have much contact with the user, he will gradually go down in the list. This is one of the options how to remove a person from important friends "VKontakte." By the same principle, it is possible, on the contrary, to be active with other users, put on likes and leave comments in order to raise their rating, and they rose to the place of an uninteresting user in the list of important. But both the first and second methods require a lot of time.

Let's consider more effective and simple ways.

The first way

In the social network "VKontakte" there is an opportunity to "tell" the system that the user has ceased to be interesting to you.

To do this, follow such instructions as to remove from the important friends "VKontakte" user:

  • Go to the "News" section and find the record of the person you want to remove from the important ones. If a person rarely publishes something - go to his page and select any entry.
  • Click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the recording block.
  • From the list that appears, select "This is not interesting".

Done! Wait a few hours (8 to 24) for the system to update the user information and lower its rating.

The second way

how to remove a person from important friends vkontakte
The second way how to remove from important friends"VKontakte" rights, solves the problem radically. To do this, you simply delete it. If there is a need to save contacts, then add the person again. Notifications about your actions to the user will not come, and he will not know anything, but you will be down on your list.

Keep in mind that if you continue to beto be active with respect to the user you want to remove from important, soon his rating will increase, and he will again take his place in the list. And remember: although it is useful to know how to remove unwanted users from the important friends of VKontakte, the order of friends in reality is much more important than the order of friends in social networks.

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