In Russia today there are seven stateholidays - those specified in Article 112 of the LC RF. These are non-working days. In the country are known and from different historical times, and established in recent years, all-Russian holidays. The list of articles 112 has, however, an exception. Christmas is a non-working day, though it is not considered a state holiday.

Significantly more are the dates that have not received the status of a non-working day. As one, and others - all-Russian holidays. About them and we will tell in the article.

What are all-Russian holidays?

These are special days relating to various events: politics and religion, individual professions, memorable, national dates and so on.

Examples of all-Russian holidays in their focus:

  • political - Constitution Day;
  • religious - Resurrection of the Lord;
  • professional - Day of employees of the Prosecutor's Office;
  • memorable dates - the Day of lifting the blockade of the city of Leningrad;
  • folk - the Day of Ivan Kupala;
  • entertaining - International Day of KVN;
  • others.

It should be noted that the division of marked daysconditional - religious holiday may well be popular, but professional - at the same time political. Let's consider what kind of all-Russian holidays are at different times of the year.

all-russian holidays list


The eighth of March, the first and the ninth of May are celebrated in blooming months. This is just three public holidays, which fall in the spring.

International Women's Day is loved not only by ladiesof all ages, but also a strong half of humanity. On the 8th of March they are especially attentive and caring towards women, giving them gifts, flowers and giving pleasant surprises.

On the day of spring and labor, trade unions take to the streets withbanners and pass with them through the center of the city. This holiday is celebrated not only in Russia, but all over the world. But Victory Day is a holiday of the Russian people and the former republics of the Soviet Union. It was the Soviet people who suffered the greatest losses in this bloody war and played a major role in the victory over fascist Germany.

All-Russian holidays in Russia
In addition to them, many other dates are also noted. Mostly these are professional holidays, among them: Day of Forensic Expert, Worker of Drug Control, Geodesy and Cartography, Penitentiary System, Economic Security, Trade in Services and Housing, Hydrometeorological Service, Culture, Investigative Bodies, Military Commissariats, Cryptographer, Diver, freelancer and others.

All-Russian holidays of religious orientation of spring are first of all Easter.

what are all-Russian holidays


The state holiday in the hot season is the Day of Russia, celebrated on the twelfth of June.

examples of all-Russian holidays

The most important memorable date for this period is twentythe second of June, the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the Day of Memory and Sorrow. Then the national flags are lowered, and the television services try to refrain from entertainment programs whenever possible. The people mourn and pay tribute to the memory and respect of those who died during the war.

In addition to these important dates, the summer months are full ofnumerous professional holidays. Also various festivals are held, which in due course can be fully erected in the all-Russian holidays. Some of them are organized directly on the nature and last for several days. Especially often they are musical events.

So, which became truly all-Russian in recent years, the rock festival "Invasion" in 2015 was held in Bolshoe Zavidovo and gathered already two hundred thousand fans.


What are the all-Russian holidays in the cool and rainy season?
Autumn begins on the first of September, when the children go to school. Parents by this time already fairly ran around the shops and bought all the essentials for their studies. This is the Day of Knowledge.

The last national holiday in the yearis celebrated on the fourth of November. It is called the Day of National Unity. The holiday is quite young. Only at the end of 2004 the federal law "On days of military glory (Victory Days of Russia)" was adopted and since then a new date has been celebrated in our country.

All-Russian holidays professionalthe direction in this period is Patrol Service Day, the Russian Guard, the financier, the tester, the tankman, the programmer, the HR manager, the recruiter, the secretary, the educator, the machine builder, the motorist, the customs officer, the sign language interpreter, the military communications officer, the cadre worker, the teacher, bailiff and others.

From entertaining holidays interestingInternational Day of KVN. The game originated in the Soviet Union and continues to develop in Russia. Today, when many television entertainment programs are invented in the Western world and only copied to Russian television, such and such games are especially important for the preservation of national identity.


All-Russian holidays in Russia in the cold season - this is primarily the New Year and the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland.

Russian people like to celebrate holidays for a long time. And that's why the New Year is not only for us on January 1, but also for (in the old style) the thirteenth.

All-Russian holidays
On February 23, women congratulatemen with the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland. Lately there have been discussions about celebrating this holiday on May 6, the Day of St. George the Victorious. But so far is the February date.

Orthodox Christians celebrate ChristmasChrist on the seventh of January. It should be noted that the holiday for Catholics and a number of representatives of other religions falls on the twenty-fifth of December. The contradiction here comes from old and new styles of calendars. Orthodox celebrate the holiday of the Julian calendar, and Catholics and Protestants - according to the Gregorian calendar.

Examples of all-Russian holidays in the winter areDay of the employee of the prosecutor's office, the Russian press, students, navigator, bank employee, networker, lawyer, realtor, registry office, energy, rescuer, dentist, diplomatic employee and so on.

Among religious, except Christmas, Baptism of the Lord (Holy Epiphany) is of great importance.

How many holidays in Russia

In total, in our country there are (according to various estimates) from two hundred to two hundred and eleven dates, when all-Russian holidays are celebrated. The list, as you could see, is quite extensive.

If you want to have an occasion to celebrate this oranother day you can always find a holiday. There are more than 200 Russian ones. And if you add to them international or celebrated in another country, then it is unlikely to find a day without a holiday.

what are all-Russian holidays

Russia is ahead of the whole planet

People themselves choose whether the days are special for them or not. Despite the large number of holidays, Russia is not in the first place in the world on weekends. Her ahead:

  • Israel, in which 25 days a year of holiday holidays;
  • China, Egypt, and Hong Kong (16 days);
  • India, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco (15 days).

In our country there are 14 of them, which consist of state holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays.

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