Along with traditional pharmaceuticalDrugs in gynecological therapy often use therapeutic tampons. You can find such a tool in ready-made form or done by yourself, soaked in oil (decoction of medicinal herbs, medical solutions and ointments). When choosing this method of treatment, it is worth remembering the obligatory consultation with a gynecologist.

medical tampons

From China

China seems to us a huge factory, whereproduced by many famous brands. For this reason, the famous phrase "Made in China" has already become familiar to us. Russians are increasingly shopping at the famous Internet sites of the Celestial Empire, where you can find absolutely everything.

The exception is not even such areas ascosmetology and medicine. However, if the mask with a street secret is no surprise, then the healing tampons on the grasses have not yet heard all the fair sex.

Clean Point

Beautiful Life and Clean Point - the most popularmedical tampons. Under these brands, Jilin Shengshitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. produces the same product that has international ISO, GMP and CE certificates.

Phytotamposons, according to information frommanufacturer, are manufactured under sterile conditions and do not contain chemical additives. As a result, thousands of clinical studies have been established for their safety and the absence of side effects.

The list of diseases that can be dealt with by tampons Clean Point:

- polyps;

- cervical erosion;

- inflammation of the appendages;

- Cystitis;

- endometritis;

- Thrush;

- hemorrhoids in women;

cystic disease of the appendages.

Some sellers argue that with infertility, therapeutic tampons will also be effective.

medical tampons reviews

Clean Point recommends that you leavea tampon for three days. After it is removed, it is necessary to perform douching with a solution of furacilin or chamomile and take a break for a day. The recommended duration of the course is six procedures.

Be sure to pay attention to the contraindications: lactation and pregnancy. Do not start the course seven days before the menstrual cycle and three days after the end of the menstrual cycle. With caution: with diabetes, high blood pressure and poor blood coagulation.


The detailed composition of the manufacturer, of course, does not disclose. However, information on plant components is freely available:

  1. Angelica officinalis: has antipyretic, tonic and disinfecting properties.
  2. The resin of the "dragon" tree has an analgesic effect and promotes the healing of bleeding wounds.
  3. The root of Sophora yellowish helps with inflammation of the appendages, pain and uterine bleeding.
  4. The core of the meadow is an anti-inflammatory action, effective for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Contis Chinese - antipyretic, analgesic, antimicrobial and diuretic properties.
  6. Tannic acacia helps to tighten erosions and reduces inflammation on the mucous membranes.
  7. Bark of pomegranate tree - used in the treatment of hemorrhoids and for stopping uterine bleeding.
  8. Mirra helps to reduce soreness during menstruation, cope with thrush and spikes.

medical women's tampons

A small herbal ball wrapped in a white mesh, in an individual package - that's how Chinese medical tampons look like.

Doctor's comments

Clean Point and Beautiful Life you are unlikely to find inone of the Russian pharmacies. In addition, no gynecologist in a public medical institution, in their right mind, prescribes such a "medicine" to their patient.

medical tampons instruction

One of the portals on the web has information onconducted analysis of therapeutic tampons from China (the brand is not specified), according to which the chemical compound of the class psychedelic, amphetamine and empathogen was revealed in the composition.

It is not uncommon for girls and women afterThe use of such tampons appealed to a doctor for help. Following the results of the "experiment" with their own health, the fair sex not only stayed with their old ailments, but also received vulvovaginitis, cystitis, thrush, or chemical burn of the cervix and vagina.

Many gynecologists are surprised by the instruction, whichrecommends leaving a tampon for up to three days. In addition, the detailed composition to the end is not known, and all information on the package is presented in the form of hieroglyphs. It turns out that women can only blindly believe the seller and hope for good quality.

In pursuit of money

Medical tampons from China today are discussed by many ladies. However, positive feedback about their use is more like advertising, rather than describing real experience.

We want to believe in the history of the wonderfulcure, when only surgical intervention could help. Most likely, these fairy tales were invented by dishonest sellers - they are worried only by the increased demand for medical tampons. Reviews are sometimes even supplemented by the phone number or e-mail address of a person who can be ordered "not fake."

In a huge mass of laudatory odes, it is sometimes possiblefind fair comments. For example, the absence of such tampons in ordinary Chinese pharmacies. Perhaps this wonder-tool produces only for export?


As we have already said, gynecologists quite oftenprescribe therapeutic female tampons, impregnated with medical preparations. Their main advantage lies in the impact directly on the affected area or inflammation. In this case, the body does not suffer from side effects of antibiotics.

One effective remedy is ointment"Levomekol", which is used for inflammation of the appendages, erosive changes in the epithelium of the cervix, as well as to accelerate the process of divergence of the vaginal sutures. The course of treatment is 7-10 tampons, which are used only at night.

medical tampons on herbs

"Lidase" and "Dimexide"

These drugs are often prescribed simultaneously forrapid removal of inflammation. "Dimexide" copes with viral and fungal infections, cervicitis and vulvovaginitis. Tampons with dimexide also restore the epithelial layer (relieve inflammation and enhance cell renewal).

The solution of "Lidase" proved its effectiveness in case of adhesions.

The time of one tampon is 8 hours. The duration of the course is determined by the attending physician.


"Troxevasin" is most often associated with treatmentedema and pain in the legs with varicose veins. However, the spectrum of its use in gynecology is quite large, despite the lack of information in the manual.

Vaginally, "Troxevasin" is prescribed to strengthenwalls of blood vessels and normalization of blood flow. Because of the widening of veins, women often complain of chronic pain in the pelvis - the drug will help restore the walls and relieve unpleasant sensations. In addition, "Troxevasin" successfully copes with postoperative hematomas.

Folk remedies

You can not deny the effectiveness of folk remedies in the treatment of gynecological diseases. However, all components and cooking recipes are also worth checking with the specialist.

Erosion of the cervix - alas, very commonthe diagnosis that every second woman faces. Traditional medicine for combating the disease suggests using a choice of: propolis, onions and honey, sea buckthorn oil or salt solution 10%.

Myoma is a benign tumor that is accompanied by severe bleeding. With this disease will help cope with medical tampons with onions or propolis.

medical tampons

The cause of abdominal pain and prolonged menstruation is often an inflammatory process in the endometrium. In this case it is recommended to use aloe with honey or sea buckthorn oil.

Many of the fair sexfamiliar symptoms of thrush. To relieve itching and get rid of secretions, folk medicine advises decoction of oak cortex with chamomile, a mixture of oils (sea buckthorn, tea tree, sage and thyme), honey or Kalanchoe.

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