Among the numerous oral contraceptivesit is possible to mark separately such preparation, as "Regulon". The doctors' comments on these tablets are in most cases positive, but there are regular negative responses of patients in the print and the network. So who to believe, and why there are negative reviews about this tool? In fact, there is a reason for this.

If there is a medicine that is capable ofnormalize the hormonal background of a woman, so this is the tablet "Regulon". The doctors' comments mainly speak about this particular drug. Restoring the optimal balance of progesterone and estrogen using synthetic analogs of the data of female sex hormones in most cases has a beneficial effect on the female body. In such a drug as "Regulon", the instructions, reviews and recommendations are reduced to a simple algorithm: in the presence of severe premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea and other irregularities of the menstrual cycle, he is appointed. In this case, side effects are possible, which are repeatedly amplified in the case of violations of recommendations for the use of the drug. There are contraindications, incompatibility with other medicines. If the patient ignores the doctor's recommendations, violates the instruction on the use of the drug and as a result receives a set of side effects, for some reason the doctor remains to blame.

On the contraceptive pill "Regulon" reviewsnegative mainly in the following manner: nausea and headaches, a set of excess weight, aggravation of the imbalance of the menstrual cycle. Before blaming the doctors, you should analyze your behavior: you may have taken other medicines without consulting a doctor. The properties of the contraceptive "Regulon" change with simultaneous reception of most of the drugs that the patients consider safe and not worth mentioning. These include sedatives, antibiotics, antidepressants, anticoagulants, drugs for epilepsy and diabetes. In addition, there are contraindications, which the patient can simply forget. This includes the problems of the liver and biliary tract, all kinds of cardiovascular diseases and a tendency to thrombosis. There is a long list of contraindications, which must be taken into account. On the contraceptive "Regulon" doctors can be assessed unequivocally: if the requirements in the instruction are fully observed, the side effects will be minimized or completely not manifested.

Convenient dosage form of tablets, packaging,designed for regular reception, all this contributes to successful therapy, both for the purpose of improving health and as a contraceptive. The percentage of protection from unwanted pregnancy is quite high.

There is also a risk group - the categorywomen, for whom reception of the drug "Regulon" is possible, but at the same time is associated with a certain risk. This includes smoking women, because smoking contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels and increases the risk of blood clots, and if we look at the instructions for contraindications, we will find there a thrombosis. It is on these logical calculations based on available on the drug "Regulon" reviews of doctors. Indeed, if the instruction is followed, if possible, factors that increase the risks of side effects are excluded, then the medicine will show itself on the best side. It is strictly forbidden to take the contraceptive "Regulon" if the patient has vaginal bleeding for unexplained reasons. With any existing gynecological diseases, this medication is prescribed only after the elimination of problems not related to the imbalance of progesterone and estrogen. Only in this case, taking the drug will affect positively, while creating an effective contraceptive effect.

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