Tampons "Beauty Life" is a unique anda reliable product that contains selected herbs that, in this combination, can restore women's health and cleanse the body. This product is effective in the treatment of many gynecological diseases. The drug has a fairly wide range of actions, as well as the property of adsorption.

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How herbal tampons work

Help you find out what tampons look like "BeautyfulLife ", photo. After using this remedy, women notice an improvement in their well-being. Tampons consist exclusively of medicinal herbs that grow in China. They have a healing effect on the entire body. The drug helps to get rid of such diseases as polyps and uterine myoma, ovarian cyst, uterine bleeding and various disorders of the menstrual cycle.

As the doctors' reviews show, this drughas antipyretic effect. In addition, herbal tampons "Beauty Lift" provoke the processes that cleanse the body completely from various contaminants. In the process of using this drug there is an update of tissues, elimination of inflammatory processes localized in the pelvis. Tampons cope with all kinds of vaginitis.

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Also Chinese tampons "Beauty Lift" helpgreatly alleviate the pain that occurs in the lumbar region, in the legs and in the abdominal region. In addition, the drug allows you to regulate the secretion of certain endocrine glands, improves skin color, restores blood circulation, eliminates pigmentation spots and fine wrinkles, rejuvenates and cleanses the body, strengthens the uterus and vagina.

Today, there are many drugs thatcan eliminate bacteria. However, their use gives a temporary result, since their action is directed primarily at eliminating the symptom, and not the underlying problem. Such products do not provide an opportunity to purify from viruses and contamination of the uterus. After the drug is taken, the problem remains. As a result, this leads to the development of a more serious ailment, whose therapy requires the use of a more serious drug.

Benefits of herbal tampons

"Beauty-life" - tampons, reviews about which are mostly positive. They have many advantages. This is a reliable medicine, because:

  1. Consists of carefully selected natural ingredients. There are no stimulants in the composition.
  2. Such a drug, if used correctly, does not cause side effects.
  3. Produce a product on the proven technology of Chinese traditional medicine.
  4. The manufacturing process is carried out exclusively in a sterile controlled environment. At the same time, everything is isolated and protected from harmful bacteria and dust.
  5. Each tampon after manufacture is sterilized by a laser that is capable of destroying bacteria.
  6. The quality of such products is ensured through compliance with all the standards of the international association of quality.
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Properties of the drug

In China, alternative medicine says thattherapy of any disease should be carried out in a complex. "Beauty-Life" - tampons, reviews of which confirm their effectiveness. They have many properties that allow you to get rid of many diseases. This product neutralizes poisons that are in the internal environment, tones the secretion of certain internal organs, eliminates inflammatory processes. Thanks to these qualities, a woman can regain not only health, but also beauty. It should be noted that these herbal tampons have a positive effect on the condition of the uterus and vagina, help to increase and regulate blood circulation. In addition, the drug normalizes the production of female hormones.

Due to the composition of the tampons "Beauty Life", the photos of which are presented above, have a lot of actions, among which:

  1. Antiseptic.
  2. Degradable.
  3. Anti-aging.
  4. Soothing.
  5. Toning.
  6. Regenerating.
  7. Haemostatic.
  8. Anesthetic.
  9. Spasmolytic.
  10. Antipruritic.
  11. Antifungal.
  12. Anti-inflammatory.
  13. Antibacterial.

In addition, the drug can strengthen the functions of the sex glands, normalize the menstrual cycle and so on.

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At what diseases it is possible to use tampons

Tampons "Beauty Lift" due to their properties allow you to get rid of many diseases. Here is the full list of the ailments the product is struggling with:

  • Polyps.
  • Incontinence of eyes, cystitis.
  • Cervical erosion.
  • Mastopathy.
  • Some forms of infertility.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Endometritis is the inflammation of the inner shell.
  • Cystic diseases of the appendages, ovarian cyst.
  • Vaginal candidiasis is a thrush.
  • Adnexitis is an inflammation of the appendages.
  • Dysmenorrhea - painful menstruation, a disorder of the menstrual cycle, and premenstrual syndrome.
  • Cervicitis, vaginitis.
  • Inflammatory process, which is caused by some pathogens, for example, trichomonads, ureaplasmas, chlamydia.
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Structure of the preparation

Tampons "Beauty Lift", reviews of gynecologists aboutwhich indicate the benefits of this product, have in their composition only natural components. The main constituents of the medicine are: cloves, ginseng root, turmeric, safflower, myrrh, bark of pomegranate tree, incense, Japanese roqueburg, tanning acacia, camphor, meadow core, lilac or Chinese, wood resin "dragon blood", root of yellowish sophora, Angelica. On some components it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail.

Angelica officinalis

This component contains tampons "Beauty Life". The opinion of doctors shows that this component has many useful properties. This is due to the chemical composition of the plant. It should be noted that the medicinal angelica is used in medicine in many countries for more than one century. The plant contains bitter substances, as well as essential oils. Angelica refers to a means that not only improve digestion, but also has a disinfectant property. In addition, it was proved that this plant stimulates the secretion of bile, and also increases urination.

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The plant has antipyretic, tonic anddisinfecting action. It is used mainly in the treatment of hemorrhoids, certain forms of infertility and climacteric syndrome, as well as menstrual cramps, menstrual irregularities, congestion in the pelvis and inflammatory processes.

Root of yellowish sophora

Give an idea of ​​how they lookpacked tampons "Beauty Life", photo. After using this drug, women experience relief and feel more healthy. Tampons contain a root of yellowish sophora. This plant has a bitter taste and unpleasant odor. In Chinese non-traditional medicine, yellowish sophora is used as a drug that improves appetite. In addition, the plant is used for bleeding from the intestine, dysentery and as a diuretic.

It treats this plant and gynecological diseases, including inflammation of the appendages, pain sensations, uterine bleeding. Also, the drug enhances the function of endocrine glands in women.

"Beauty-life" tampons: instruction

Analyzing the reviews, it became clear that manywomen do not even know how to properly use such medicines. As a result, many either have no effect, or discomfort appears. Here is a brief guide on how to properly use the "Beauty Life" tampons.

First of all, you should wash your hands thoroughly,preferably with soap. This will preserve sterility. Observance of such rules allows you to protect yourself from entering pathogens in the vagina. Also, do not use tampons whose packaging has been damaged. Such a product can not be called sterile, and there is a risk of harming your body.

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Enter therapeutic tampons "Beauty Life" you needneatly to a depth of 5 - 7 centimeters. In this case, the exhaust thread must remain outside. Do not forget about it. It is usually wound around the tip of the tampon. Before the introduction it must be untwisted. At some women with the years the dryness in a vagina is observed. In order not to aggravate the condition, it is necessary to dip the tampon for about 20 seconds into warm boiled water before the introduction. To lower the product into boiling water is not recommended, since it will lose its properties.

Female tampons "Beauty Life" shoulduse correctly. The product should be in the vagina for exactly three days. If the tampon has collected a lot of painful secretions, then it can independently go out on the second day. You can not use it again.

How to remove a tampon

Removal of medicinal products specialistsit is recommended to conduct in the bathroom, as this process can be accompanied by excreta. To pull the swab, pull the thread. Do this carefully and slowly.

After that, douching with a solution of furacilin or infusion of chamomile should be done. Carry out this procedure carefully. This will remove all substances eluted by the drug.

Between the introduction of tampons it is necessary to take a break in 24 hours. Entering into sexual relations can only be three hours after the product is withdrawn. Course - 6 tampons.

Reviews about the drug

As reviewed by doctors, the use oftampons "Beauty Life" helps to get rid of many diseases. Usually this product is used as a preventive agent. This drug allows you to get rid of unpleasant infections and diseases, without resorting to drug therapy and surgery. At the same time, the body produces a sufficient number of female hormones.

Many women claim that this product,made of herbs, helped to get rid of them from infertility and to experience the true happiness of being a mother. Also, tampons can prolong youth, prevent premature aging, normalize metabolic processes, and also help with menopause.

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