Probably, there is no such woman who at least oncea month did not regret her belonging to the weaker sex. Of course, the ability to procreate is wonderful, but in order to give the world a new person, we have to endure every month certain restrictions.

tampons with applicator
True, the medical industry does not stand still and tries to minimize the inconveniences of these days.

The emergence of hygienic tampons on the marketfacilitated the life of many women, saving them from having to carry around with the bulk pads. These products can be divided into two categories - tampons with an applicator and without. This division is very conditional, since only the method of introduction distinguishes them, and the principle of action remains the same. The hygienic tampon inserted into the vagina absorbs the menstrual discharge inside, preventing them from coming out.

Normal tampons take up little space, but there aresome inconvenience. Critical days can come unexpectedly, and in order to change the tampon, certain conditions are necessary. Of course, you need to wash your hands. This is not even discussed. But sometimes you have to change the tampon not in your bathroom, and then the tampons with the applicator win. After all, for their introduction you do not need to take hands for the part that will be in the vagina. And some women just do not like to insert a tampon with a finger.

Currently, many companies producehygiene products for women, and everyone can choose the ones that suit her. Tampons with the Tampax applicator appeared on the market as the first, and many women immediately appreciated their convenience. They are available in several species and vary depending on the abundance of excreta.

tampons with tampax applicator

Tampons Cotex with an applicator wonpopularity is not only the convenience of introduction, but also a beautiful design. If the usual packaging with beautiful red flowers that lift the mood, then tampons with the applicator wrapped in an individual pink package. And, of course, they are also divided according to the degree of absorption.

If the tampon is inserted correctly, then the woman absolutelyDo not feel it. Many girls, especially those who use gaskets, justify their choice by not knowing how to introduce a tampon. Indeed, it is a little scary to insert a tampon, because if it goes too deep, it is unclear how to get it. And then again, tampons with an applicator win. The length of the applicator inserts the tampon exactly at that depth in the vagina, which is optimal and excludes unpleasant sensations.

tampon cotex with applicator

If someone and after this explanation continuesto doubt, the simplest thing is to use a visual aid. To do this, it is necessary to clamp the upper part in the fist and press the piston. And immediately everything will become clear.

Women who use tampons must firmlyto know the obligatory rule. Tampon should not be in the body for more than 4 hours, because otherwise there is a risk of inflammatory diseases. Ideally, you need to alternate the use of different hygiene products. Tampons can be used in those hours when you are actively moving, and then switch to gaskets.

If you follow these simple rules, then the critical days will pass unnoticed, because you will not have to be distracted from the normal rhythm of life.

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