Many young girls are concerned about the question of whetherwhether to use a tampon for girls. This, in principle, is normal. After all, tampons, thanks to active advertising campaigns, are considered a sign of "adulthood" for young girls. But gynecologists are not very optimistic about this perspective. Why? And can I wear tampons to girls? Let's talk on this topic.

can I use a tampon to girls
Tampons as a means of hygiene appeared inTimes of Ancient Egypt. Then women knew many secrets of beauty and care for their own body. One of them was the use of tampons. Then, however, they were quite uncomfortable, because they made them from papyrus, which in itself is hard material. But the Egyptians did not put restrictions on the use of these hygienic devices. For them, the question of whether a tampon can be used for girls was not at all a question. It is possible and necessary! Indeed, under the conditions of the Egyptian climate, hot and humid, the tampon was less evil than its absence during critical days.

But we do not live in Ancient Egypt. So why then do not gynecologists have a common opinion on this matter? On the one hand, the use of a tampon is convenient. He, unlike the pads, does not make the delicate skin prt, keeps the moisture inside himself. And it is indispensable in the summer on the beach or in the pool. In general, for many women, he is a necessary thing. But, what is important, it is for women. But can girls tampons? The main reason for the doubts of gynecologists is that if you misuse or install this hygiene product, you can put the infection in the genitals. And in the case of girls, that is, those who have not lost their hymen, a full examination on the gynecological chair is difficult. And the gynecologist will not be able to conduct a proper examination, in case the infection is brought in this way. Therefore, many specialists try to offer alternative methods of hygiene when they are faced with the question of whether a tampon can be used for girls.

can girls tampons
So what do you do? How to be: do I use tampons or not? Perhaps the answer to this question lies in some of the advice for girls that will help make such a hygienic procedure painless and problem-free.

  • Use the best tamponssmall size. With the unaccustomed to very young girls can be discomfort from being too broad a means. Therefore, it is better to take a swab of less absorbency and size, but more often to change it.
  • Follow instructions for use clearlytampon and cleanliness - wash hands before and after its introduction, manipulate with it in the most pure conditions, change more often, depending on the degree of discharge.
  • Use tampons only duringmenstrual cycle - neither before nor after its termination they are not needed. For daily hygiene and cleanliness of linen, super-fine pads for every day are more suitable.
  • If there is any discomfort in the areagenitals after using the tampon should stop using it, remove it and be sure to see a doctor to avoid inflammation and disease.

can I wear tampons to girls
If you follow these tips, then the question ofwhether it is possible to use a tampon for girls, it is possible to respond positively, and the hygiene procedure itself will go smoothly and without emergency situations.

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