The sales manager for today is onefrom the most popular and well-paid vacancies. However, many people do not think how hard this job can be, drawing on the knowledge of it from Hollywood films in which well-dressed men carelessly enter into multi-million dollar contracts while sitting in a luxurious restaurant. However, not everything is so radiant. Let's consider in more detail the basic functional duties of the sales manager.

The first and most important is the search for clients. It is carried out in different ways: "cold calls", when a person simply calls up all the firms of the corresponding profile on the list in the telephone directory with the offers of the goods; advertising, trips to potential clients, mailing letters on the Internet - in general, by any means that can bring results. The problem is that 99% of such work, as a rule, goes to waste. Monitoring competitors is also a responsibility of the sales manager. Only a person who knows on what terms and at what cost other firms sell their goods, what shares they have, can offer more favorable terms. However, there is little to find a client - it must be retained, so further business is also the responsibility of the sales manager. The professional of his business not only "vparit" the goods, but also will track how the client received it, whether it was satisfied, whether there were any problems.

Functional duties of the sales manager:

1. The manager must know the characteristics and properties of the goods sold, as well as the specified plans, technology and advanced methods of sales.

2. Ensure the implementation of these plans, including the organization of sales and promotion.

3. Make monthly plans for the sale of products for subordinates.

4. To study the sales market and systematize the information received in order to optimize the sales activity.

5. Monthly to provide the chief with a report on the work done.

6. Establish contacts with potential customers and strengthen already established business relationships. There are many ways to maintain contacts, for example, to congratulate on holidays, periodically to call, to be interested in business, to give small souvenirs, to invite corporate evenings organized by the company.

7. The duties of the sales manager include consulting clients on the chosen position and help in choosing the product.

8. Updating and constant replenishment of the client base.

In this case, often the manager himselfmakes and concludes contracts for delivery and is responsible for the delivery of the goods. All problems associated with unloading, misappropriation, marriage, peresortom is decided by him. The sales manager must regularly attend trainings aimed at raising the level of skills, and develop his ability to communicate with people and sell goods.

The sales manager's instructions depend on thethe specifics of the firm and in different organizations is very different. In one place he only deals with "cold calls", in the other he constantly drives around in search of clients. Such work is great for energetic, young people, who love an active lifestyle and are able to communicate. Cons - work on a percentage, the payment of which depends on the fulfillment of the plan. If the tasks set by the management are not fulfilled, the manager often receives a bare salary, which can be one and a half to two times less than the declared salary.

In addition, in today's business competitionbetween firms is huge, especially if they are small organizations. For each client there is a real struggle, so managers have a hard time. And customers, knowing their price, behave patronizingly. So, quite often during the same "cold calls" on workers, the flood of abuse can collapse.

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