Sales manager is a popular anddemanded trade. What is the responsibility of the sales manager? How to write a good resume? What is specialization in this profession? Let's consider all these issues in more detail.

Managers are different

In our country, it so happened that the manager ofSales can be called any employee who has anything to do with trading operations. In Western countries, the manager is, first and foremost, the manager. Let's leave reasonings about why it happened, we will understand the typology. Managers are different, and therefore the responsibilities of the sales manager (for the resume of the applicant as well) will also differ.

responsibilities of territorial sales manager

Specialists are divided by type of sales: active or passive. The first type is when the customer is already interested and he himself refers to the company. The manager only needs to process the incoming application so that it ends with the transaction. Active sales are when customers need to be attracted. This is the most difficult, but also the most highly paid work.

Key skills required for the applicant to post

There is a set of basic skills that are notare part of the duties of the sales manager (for a summary of them, however, you can and indicate), but should be with the professional, regardless of his specialization:

  • emotional stability; no matter how terriblethere was a day, no matter how difficult the client was, you need to be able to keep an even and calm mood, because the second impression will not be made again;
  • sociability;
  • knowledge of the basics of sales; for this you need to read at least a couple of books on this topic;
  • purposefulness;
  • the ability to be a good listener; many are sold by those people who know how to hear the needs of the client and offer a solution that is ideally suitable for him;
  • the ability to competently present a potential buyer a product or service;
  • organization, because to convince the client to committhe transaction is just the beginning: for the successful completion of it you need to issue documents, arrange the delivery, receive money and much more; all this needs to be able to be considered and flexibly organized so that the result of the work is positive.

which is the responsibility of the sales manager

In addition to key skills, you will still need a good knowledge of the product and specific skills that are required for a particular position.

How to write a brilliant resume?

Summary is a way to attract attentionthe employer to his person, so it is important to make it competently. A good resume is not only a list of professional skills and personal qualities, it is also a document that attracts attention with a neat and beautiful design.

duties of a wholesaler

It is necessary to supplement the resume with a photo or not- a controversial issue. If you decide that a photo is needed, then choose a quality photo, without unnecessary details, then, which you are present in a business setting. Be sure to check the summary before sending it for spelling and punctuation mistakes, for design - to have a single font, fields and indents are respected so that the text is divided into semantic blocks and paragraphs for easy reading. The resume should make a good impression even before the employer began to read the text.

Be sure to write down which postyou pretend. Do not just write "manager" in the hope that the employer will decide that you will be able to perform all the possible duties of the sales manager. For a summary it is important to specify the scope of its activities. If you are interested in several vacancies, make up for each individual document with an emphasis on the skills necessary for this post.

Please fill out the "Education" section, even if it is not directly related to your future position. Do not hesitate to indicate which trainings, seminars or courses were held.

How to start a career?

Sales are great opportunities forrapid career growth, so it is so attractive. For the start, usually no special education or experience is required. The main thing is that your eyes burn. It is even considered useful to start building a career from the lowest steps, from the position of sales representative or merchandiser - the experience gained will help in the course of further growth.

Sales Manager Responsibilities for CVs

If you decide to build a career in sales, do not hesitate to go to the lowest positions - active, purposeful employees are quickly noticed and promoted up.

Territorial or regional?

The duties of the regional sales manager are to develop sales in a certain region. To do this you need:

  • to work on the collection and analysis of information on the regional market;
  • create sales strategies and carry out work on their implementation;
  • Organize a team of employees and monitor the implementation of assigned tasks;
  • establish document circulation and keep records;
  • control the flow of payments, work with debts;
  • take part in negotiations and presentations;
  • collect and analyze information about competitors.

responsibilities of a regional sales manager

Obligations of the territorial manager forSales in many ways are similar to similar types of regional work. Often in companies these concepts are used as identical. To fully discharge the duties in this position, it is often necessary to have a driving license and a personal car. Advantage will be knowledge of English, especially if it is a question of working in an international company. The duties of the regional sales manager may include regular business trips through the territory for which he is responsible.

Wholesale or retail?

Duties of the sales manager (for resumes)can vary and depending on whether the wholesale implementation will need to deal with or retail. The Retail Sales Manager is most often found under the names "sales representative" or "sales consultant". Its main duty is to sell the product to the end user, this activity does not imply further resale. A wholesale implementation is working with outlets, ranging from small kiosks to large supermarket chains or warehouse bases.

The duties of the manager for wholesale sales are as follows:

  • the expansion of the customer base;
  • control the timely repayment of receivables;
  • registration of contracts and related documents;
  • organization and control of the team of sales representatives.

In each specific company, the list of responsibilities of the manager may have its own distinctive features.

Goods or services?

A good manager can sell anything at any scale. But nevertheless sales are subdivided on a level of complexity.

To simple sales is the implementation of low-costgoods or services, for example, communication services. It is often possible to find announcements about a set of sales managers in MTS. What do these specialists do? The duties of the sales manager (for resumes) of MTS are as follows:

  • attraction of clients for sale of services - Internet, telephony, digital television;
  • conclusion of contracts;
  • development of existing customer base.

It is difficult to sell the product, which requires further maintenance. For example, expensive software. To work in this field, you need experience and a high level of competence.

How to become successful

In order to build a really brilliantcareer, you will need to learn: read books, attend trainings, learn from the experience of successful sellers, look for an individual style, and develop skills that are in demand in this company. In some cases, this can be analytical skills, in some cases - communicative skills.

Sales Manager Responsibilities for Resume

It is important to study your product, but not in terms ofseller, but in terms of the consumer. What problems can the client solve if he buys the product? It is important to study the customer audience, to stand with its representatives friendly, trusting relations, to form their own client base.

The most important thing is to see the goal before you and move confidently towards its achievement.

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