The profession of the manager covers all sidesactivities of the organization or company. Is this a manager? and therefore his responsibilities include not only control over the production process, but also all the functions to organize the work of the company and personnel in particular. This versatility requires many skills and qualities. There are several areas of work of the manager. In one of them, a development manager works. We will discuss in detail the duties of such an employee.

First of all, the development manager is a person,which plans the options for the company's development, studies the market and prospects for its development, and develops new expansion plans. We can say that the work is very voluminous and responsible.

Business Development Manager decides on a number ofproduction tasks. First, it is building up the base of potential customers. To increase profits and promote further increase in production or the number of services provided, it is necessary to attract customers. At the same time, it obliges to plan correctly the activities of the company and competently manage divisions and personnel.

The development manager should monitor theimplementation of projects at all levels. In addition, control over finances and their proper distribution is also the responsibility of the person who holds this position in the company.

For the fruitful development of business, it is necessaryimprovement of the material and technical base, for which the development manager is responsible. Control over the process of equipment production and planning to supply the company with all necessary equipment and equipment is the responsibility of the person who holds this position.

Among other things, a manager of this level is responsible for conducting negotiations at all stages of the project, selecting specialists for organizing work and other events related to the development project.

We can say that the development manager is irreplaceable in any areas. This applies to both the production sphere and the service delivery area.

If you specify the duties that a development manager should fulfill, then this is the development of business development plans and their further implementation and promotion.

This position does not exclude career growth. In the future, you can apply for the position of the head of the development department. But for this it is necessary to fulfill responsibly the duties and to show good results of work.

For any manager you need to havepurposefulness, the desire for excellence, sociability, the ability to get out of the situation and quickly make decisions. In addition, one must be a sociable person in order to find compromises in the dialogue with staff and clients.

These responsibilities include the general job description of the development manager. But within the framework of each individual organization there may be requirements for this post.

For a successful career in this field, three rules must be observed.

First, this is the correct planning of the workerday. To all have time and not miss the most important thing, you need to allocate competently your working time. This allows you not to forget about an important meeting or something.

Secondly, this is the correct organization of work, which eliminates a large amount of paper routine. To do this, there are many technical tools that simplify the management process.

Thirdly, this is the ability to find the right approachto each client. Regardless of the sphere in which a development manager works, a friendly attitude towards clients is mandatory. They should know that the company appreciates them.

Perhaps after reading this article, some will want toto master this profession, which is also in demand in the labor market. But to become a professional in this business, one must have a lot of experience and possess the necessary human qualities.

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