Who is a manager and what does he do? This is the question currently being asked by applicants in connection with the growing popularity of this profession. Most people believe that the main job of the manager is to manage the work process and personnel. In fact, everything depends on the field of activity. For example, if we talk about what the sales manager does, then he offers customers goods or services, conducts statistical analysis, and builds further interaction with customers. It happens that the sales manager can simultaneously engage in training of personnel. Each company has its own conditions. But there is something common for all managers, regardless of the scope of their activities, units or positions. And this general can be divided into several constituent elements or functions. Let's find out what the manager should do and what functions to perform to improve the quality of his own work.

who is a manager and what he does


1. Setting Goals

The manager sets the goal for the organization. That is, it sets the benchmarks to which one should strive, and also defines tasks for the rapid achievement of goals. Whether they will be achieved or not will depend on how correctly they were formulated and communicated to the staff. This is the most important function in considering the question of who such a manager is and what he does.

2. Organization

This function involves an activity analysis,decisions and necessary links. The manager classifies the work, highlighting its most important components and splitting them into assignments. Then he forms an organizational structure out of them and instructs the execution of specific employees.

what the sales manager does
3. Motivation and communication

Of people in different positions,the manager is a well-functioning team. At the same time, he can make decisions on increasing the payment and appointment to the post. In addition, the manager regularly communicates with his colleagues, supervisors and subordinates. This helps in establishing contacts and improves the quality of working communications.

4. Evaluation and control

This is another answer to the question of who ismanager and what he does. An equally important function is the evaluation and control of the workflow and its results. As in any other sphere, all this is brought to the attention of colleagues, managers and subordinates.

5. Development

The manager is constantly engaged in the development of himself and his colleagues. In the current conditions of tough competition and high technology, this point must be given the utmost importance.

what should a manager do


So, we found out who the manager is and what he isis engaged. In fact, each of the functions listed above can be devoted to a separate book. And for the effective implementation of each of them they need to have special qualities and qualifications. For example, setting goals is always a matter of compromise between the implementation of the principles and results of the organization, the available means and the desired outcome, etc. In general, in order to become a good manager, you must constantly work on improving your skills in the five categories mentioned above.

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