The history of the flag of the Czech Republic begins long before the foundation of the modern state in 1993, when the decree was adopted to divide the country in two.

Czech Republic: flag and its original destination

czech flag
It's no secret that the current flag of the republic wasborrowed from the state, which existed since 1918 and was called Czechoslovakia. Initially, the combination of white and red colors was the flag of the Czech Republic. Photos of the modern version can be seen from above. But how did they come to him? At that time, new states were formed throughout Europe, and therefore the official symbolism often coincided. A similar incident happened to the Czechs: their flag was an exact copy of the Polish, and therefore it was necessary to come up with something.

The solution was found rather nontrivial: the canvas was diluted with a blue triangle, cutting into the white-red stripes on the left. This geometric figure symbolized the unity of the Slovak people with the Czechs, the key colors of which were red and white. This model has been used since 1920, but in 1939 Hitler was attacked by the Czech Republic. The flag was replaced by a variant of the Nazis, and it had to be forgotten for several years, until 1945.

Symbols of Nazi Germany

flag of czech republic photo
About the former state flag of Czechoslovakiahad to be forgotten, because the state split into two parts in 1939, as Slovakia decided to enter the Axis. It received its own symbolism, but the Czechs had to be satisfied with the fruits of the imagination of German designers. As a result, the Czech flag was replaced by a canvas, known as the flag of Bohemia and Moravia. It was a tricolor made up of the same colors as the Czechoslovak one, but in a different sequence: white, red, blue (from top to bottom). Thus, the state lost in this terrible period not only its flag, but even its name and independence.

Modern interpretation of the combination of colors

The Soviet era did not bring any changes in thevalue of the Czechoslovak tricolor. However, the revolutionary period of the early nineties forced many newly-formed states to think about state symbols. Among them was the Czech Republic. The flag decided to leave the former republic, but redraw the meanings of the flowers. Initially, the red and white canvas was the flag of Bohemia, which is its largest region. Thus, it was necessary to take into account the second important region - Moravia, which was presented with a blue triangle, which previously designated the Slovak Republic.

Despite the fact that the official flag of the Czech Republic wasapproved only in late 1992, it has a rich history that included even the period of oblivion from 1939 to 1945. Nevertheless, the symbols were preserved and brought to the present, only slightly changing the meaning of the elements of the tricolor.

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