Federated Democratic Republic of Nepalfound its flag in December 1962. Since then, it has not changed and is used as one of the most important symbols. The unusual flag of Nepal, photos of which for sure there is every traveler in Asia, is interesting both for the meaning of the shades, and for the original shape. Let us dwell on each detail in more detail.

Modern look

flag of Nepal

Surprisingly, the flag of Nepal does not haverectangular shape! This is almost the only standard in the world with such outstanding proportions. The panel is made of two triangles arranged vertically above one another. Each of them is a symbol of two branches of the Rana dynasty, a family that ruled the country from the beginning of the nineteenth century to a hundred years. The main area of ​​each of the triangles is bright red. The edges are bordered by a blue band. The upper pennant depicts a stylized moon in the form of a horizontal crescent moon, and on the lower there is a star with twelve rays, designed to depict the sun.


flag of Nepal photo

The symbols of the heavenly bodies depicted inpennants, serve as signs of hope - for the tranquility and peaceful existence of the state. Nepalese believe that the point is that the moon and the sun will always be in the sky. That's why they include the flag of Nepal.

Similar symbols are repeated by the emblem. In the center are the prints of the feet of the god Goraknath, above them - the crown, and on the sides - crossed flags and knives kukri, symbolizing the courage of citizens and their willingness to always help loved ones. The coat of arms also has the inscription "Mother and Motherland is more important than the heavenly kingdom", this is an old heraldic motto, and against the background there are schematic drawings of a cow, pheasant, Himalayan mountains and state contours. The colors in which the Nepal flag is executed have the following meaning. Red is the national shade of the country. The blue strip is designed to denote the desire for peaceful coexistence with all other peoples.

History of occurrence

The modern cloth is used since the end of 1962. Then a new constitution was adopted in the country. After the revolution there was a return to absolute monarchy. Such a system has been preserved for several decades, but even after its replacement, the chosen symbolism has remained the same. The flag of Nepal is unique - in the world there are cloths of the square form, but triangular, moreover and including at once two elements, simply does not exist. This makes it easy to remember the symbolism of a given state - it can not be confused with any other.

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